Make It Happen

Hi, everyone!

So as you can tell this is my first blog post here, not only here but first in my life. This is the first blog that I’ve ever had. I’m very overwhelmed to get even more involved with the blogging community. I really hope that opening this blog will be successful. I know that my blog won’t become popular overnight but I’ll hope for the best.

I’ve been planning on starting a blog for few years but there were always excuses which kept me from doing it. Now, that the school is almost over and I’ve lots of spare time on my hands- I thought that it would be a perfect time to commit to something that I’ve never done before but have considered doing for a long time. So I created a blog! I actually got the idea from other bloggers that I started following quite frequently for the past few weeks. They made me wish that I also had my own site, where I could share everything that I want, and have my own community of followers. I’ve to also give a credit to my mother, who actually suggested the idea a few months ago during a discussion. That was actually the first time that I started seriously considering of making it happen.

I’ve already developed some great ideas for my blog posts to share with you, and I can’t wait to write about them. The only thing that I’m a bit concerned about is the number of my followers. I’ll definitely try to advertise my blog as much as possible, even though I’ve decided that I want to have some privacy to myself. So I probably won’t have any social media handles here – that’s my decision for now.


I can’t even express my eagerness in the words of how excited I’m for this whole experience. I’m curious to see how well will the blogging community expect me. I can actually be a really ambitious person. Which means that if I’ve set my mind on doing something, I will do my best to achieve it.

One more really important topic that I wanted to mention in my first blog post was the actual reason why did I even consider making a blog. The main reason was my addiction to writing. I’ve always loved writing. My aspiration is to become a writer, and I want my life to be tightly involved with books and writing in general. I saw an opportunity in making a blog because I found out that lots of writers started their careers by doing that. So I decided to follow their footsteps and now only the time will tell where will this journey lead me to.



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