​My Writing Experiences​

Hi, everyone!

Today I decided to talk about my experiences with writing. I really wanted to get it straight. So I thought that this would be a good topic to talk about as it’s my second time posting here.

As a child, I used to write short stories on the blank sheets of paper and then secure them with string or staple so it would create a book. I was convinced that this was the way the actual book authors do it. Now that I think back at the memories of myself writing these ridiculous stories I often laugh but I’m also quite impressed with how determined I was and how much I wanted to write and achieve something by doing it.

Then there was a “blank period.” It was the time I wasn’t interested in writing or books in general. For some reason, I just stopped reading, or I did it rarely. I really regret having this time in my life because writing and reading are so much better than spending my time doing something that won’t have any positive impact on my future. In my case, I spent way to much time on social media and playing video games.

Shortly after the “blank period,” I discovered the magic of Facebook writing. I created a Facebook page, where I wrote short stories, and later on, I created some other Facebook pages with my friends, where we also wrote short stories but as we grew older we deleted them. Sometimes I even regret deleting them, I wish that I’d at least copied the stories to my computer for the sake of the memories.

Later, after I got over my computer addiction, I started reading again. I read a lot of books, and that was also the time I became interested in involving my future career with writing. I started writing stories on my computer. I never actually finished writing an entire book but I always started with great ideas, just after some period of time I realized that the story wasn’t good enough. I still have some of the old files on my computer with the stories that I hadn’t finished.

Currently, I’m writing a story, which seems to be heading off for a great start. I’ve some other book ideas in my mind but I really want to concentrate on writing one story at the time. I’m determined to finish writing this book, or at least give my best to do so. Even though I haven’t had a chance to write a lot lately because I’ve been busy with my blog. I’ll try to make more time for writing.

I don’t want to reveal any of my book’s details yet but I might write a post about its’ progress in the future – we’ll see. Anyway, that’s everything that I’d in mind for today’s post.


2 thoughts on “​My Writing Experiences​

  1. Hello!
    It is interesting to read about your writing journey. As a kid, I also “made” my own books by stapling together pieces of paper. As I grew up, I learned that becoming an author is more complicated than that!
    Best wishes on writing your book 🙂


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