Summer 2017: Changes, Intentions & Plans

Hi, everyone!

Summer has finally arrived! Which in my case means a lot of spare time to concentrate on the activities that I enjoy doing. I wanted to share with you some of my changes, intentions, and plans, what I have got for this summer.

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One smaller change that I made in my appearance is my hair color. I decided to make it lighter again because I felt like I needed to freshen up my look. So now my hair is a bit blonder than it was before. It isn’t an immense difference, but still, it still has an impact on me.

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The bigger change, what I have made is, my decision to switch schools. I know that school isn’t summer’s topic, but I still wanted to mention it because during the summer my parents and I will be forming some important documents for my leave as the school, that I will be attending, is located in Britain. Which means that I’ll become a boarding student! I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity to experience different culture and study in another language. I can’t wait for it!



For this summer I have also planned to achieve a lot. One of my aims is to finish writing my book. I don’t want to force myself to write, but I try to do it as frequently as possible. I really hope that I have enough willpower to achieve this goal.

Another one of my aims is to read as much as possible. I really want to read all the books that I haven’t had a chance to read during my studies and there a lot of them. I have decided to not buy any new books until I have read the ones that I have bought earlier. I know that it won’t be easy because I’m always tempted to buy new books – I just can’t help it! So I will try my best to prevent myself from doing that.

As a newbie in a blogging community, I have decided to commit myself to developing my blog as much as possible. I try to give my best in everything that I have started because if I’m not giving my 100% then what’s the point of doing it. I try to take every chance to make my blog better. I have lots of ideas in my head for this blog, and I hope that the flow of the ideas won’t leave me too soon.

Other than that I’m determined to spend lots of time with my family and friends, as I know that I will be able to see them only during school holidays after the time I leave for Britain. Family time means a lot to me, as I’m grateful to have their endless support and love. I value the time that I spend together with my family and my friends, especially now that I know that the time is limited.


Before leaving to Britain, I must learn some of the basics of home economics. I have already encountered the basics of cooking. Sadly there’s more to that – like ironing, washing the clothes, which I’m not excited about at all, but I know that I must learn these skills to live on my own.

Finally, one of my favorite topics – traveling! I feel like my inner self is begging me for adventures. The next trip that my parents and I have planned is on 24th of June, which is actually pretty soon! The trip is to Nice, which is a city in France. I can’t wait to dig my toes into the warm sand and discover the beauty of Nice. Hopefully, the weather won’t play any tricks on us because I have waited for a vacation for far too long.

The second trip is at the end of the summer. It’s a trip to Santorini, which is an island in Greece. It’s supposed to have the most amazing sight, in which I don’t doubt. I haven’t been to Greece for a long time, so I’m pumped to go there.

I’m really excited to see how this summer turns out to be, hopefully, as incredible as I’m expecting. I wish that I’ll achieve most of my goals for this summer and keep on track with my planned activities. I want these holidays to be enjoyable, but still full of action.




3 thoughts on “Summer 2017: Changes, Intentions & Plans

  1. Writing a book is something I have been pondering about for the longest time, but I have yet to start. Good luck with all your plans! And don’t forget to enjoy every little step you make.

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