Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop by Jonathan Geldart

Hi, everyone!

Just recently I finished reading a book, what I was eager to get my hands on for a long time. It’s a book called “Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop,” and it was written by Jonathan Geldart. I had been obsessed with Asian culture ever since I was a child. I was drawn to items that resembled it. I’m still fascinated by it, and it’s diversity of different cultures and people. The book is nonfictional, book’s subject is business and culture.

The book is written in author’s perspective, as he interviews various types of people from China or people, who are somehow associated with China. Every chapter is concentrated on one person, who tells the author their personal story. During the personal stories, the author explains some of the cultural differences which occur in the book. He also offers his own point of you of the stories, and thoughts during the interviews. The people, who the author has chosen to listen to, are mainly associated with business, but every person’s story is unique in one way or another. Interviews are divided into months then the author had interviewed the person. The setting is mainly at the coffeeshop, but there are few exceptions. The book allows the reader to see the real China throughout the real-life stories told by people from China.

I must admit that I haven’t been so impressed with a book for a while. I never thought that I would enjoy reading this book so much. It really opened my eyes and gave me a whole new perspective of Chinese culture. I’ve learned to respect the hard-working people of China even more than I did prior reading this book.

After finishing reading it, I felt a lot more educated on the topic. Even though I know that there is so much more to Chinese culture, but it felt great to learn so much in such a short amount of time about other society. I was shocked to find out that Chinese people have so many cultural differences in their community. It was fascinating to read every personal story because I knew that all these stories were based on real-life events that happened to these people. Every story offered new interesting aspects of Chinese culture, and it’s development. The stories also reflected some of the common problems in the Chinese community and environment. Mostly the most emphasized topics in the book were the issues with pollution and traditional society views, which still affect lives of the modern community.

“I will find the person I want to marry for love, not for society.”

I’m utterly delighted that I had chosen to read this book as my knowledge of other people’s perspectives of the way the life should me lived is so much wider. I have always had an interest in social views of different people. I find it fascinating to learn about the views of Chinese society, as the country itself is so multicultural and diverse. I must say that the book was unique and I loved the twisty but informative comments that author added to the story. They made the stories more special – like you were sitting at the table during the interview, and actually listening.

Overall, I find the book to be really enlightening, and educational. I would recommend it for a person with a deep interest in Chinese society or business. This book might not satisfy a person, who mainly enjoys reading fiction. Lots of stories concentrate on growing business community which might be dull for a person with no interest in it.



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