Introvert in Modern Society​

Society has always had some invisible standards. Unfortunately, there’s no society without standards. People are just raised with some expectations – it all depends on the environment and the community they are raised in.

Everyone’s mind is functioning differently – that’s what makes every person unique. Introverts have their own standards – different from others. They have their own view on social ideals. Their lifestyle shouldn’t be judged or talked behind. The point here is that every person’s living habits should be respected.

I have had lots of bad experiences with my lifestyle choices as I’m an introvert myself. Even though I might not look like on at first, the truth is that I’m and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve always loved spending my time rather alone or in a small circle of friends. I have never had a dream of having thousands of friends. I just find it better to keep my social circle as tight as possible.


I haven’t been an introvert for my whole life – actually I embraced the lifestyle right after I came back from my trip from Phuket. This trip was literally life changing for me as after that trip I didn’t only embrace my true self but I also switched my diet to full plant-based one. I feel like I’m finally comfortable where I am. I’m glad that I had made those decisions as they brought up my happier self.

After the trip, I started to make changes to my lifestyle. I stopped socializing with my classmates as I felt that they were the main reason that I felt unhappy. Our interests were so different, and I just decided to let go of the negativity that came along with it. I could tell that they were confused about my actions, but I ignored it. I had decided to concentrate on the relationships with my real friends. These changes had positive benefits on my grades, and I also gained lots of free time, what I spent on my interests. I was glad about my life choices at the time.

Sadly with the changes came the judgment. Lots of people assumed that there was something wrong with me. Mainly that I was sick or depressed. Suddenly, I felt that the whole school was judging me. It felt horrible, I called my mother a lot during that time, because I wanted to hear someone’s encouragement to get me through the day. The worst that happened during that time was a call from my teacher to my mother, accusing me of having anorexia. I remember the anger and the tears that rushed down my cheeks, I was at school at the time. My mother told me by the phone, and I just didn’t care if anyone saw me crying or if my makeup was going to smudge all over my face. I went to the bathroom and cried, I got to the last lesson, but I was 20 minutes late. I felt worse than ever.

My classmates gladly after sometime accepted they way I behaved. They understood that I wasn’t seeking for relationships nor anything else. By the end of the school year, I was glad to have shown my stronger side and stayed consistent to my choices. My mother was also pleased with my decision of ending all the relationships with my classmates as she saw that they had a negative impact on me. She was also delighted to see me so happy and cheerful again. I wasn’t grumpy anymore, and I had become so mature.

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I wish that people would be less judgmental with introverts and with anyone who’s different in some way from others. The difference should be respected because every person should have a chance to live their life the way they want to live it. Society should never make the decisions for you. Instead, you should make your own choices without feeling the society’s pressure. Lifestyle is a choice that should never be judged – even if it might seem wrong in some else’s eyes. Judging is never the answer.




6 thoughts on “Introvert in Modern Society​

  1. I like this thoughtful post. I agree wholeheartedly with disassociating with people who affect us negatively. Our precious time and energy are better spent with people we love doing things we love to do 🙂 As an introvert, I also feel that there is some judgment out there about introverts. The truth is that there are lots of high functioning and successful introverts out there! Quiet by Susan Cain is one of my fav books on this subject. She also has a wonderful ted talk!


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