Working Community

In my opinion, there are two types of people in this world- ones that work towards something, and the ones, who work because they have to. Recently I finished a book about a collection of Chinese people’s personal stories (Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop by Jonathan Geldart). That’s what inspired me to write about this topic the most. At first, I wanted to write about Overpopulation of the Human Race, but as I sat, I realized that the title that I intended to cover wasn’t matching my thoughts. Sadly it took me at least half an hour to start writing about the topic that I originally had in my mind.

Anyway, as I was saying. I find that the world is divided into two groups of people. Those, who work to complete or achieve something, and those, who work just to earn money, or to fit the society, or both. I’m not judging any of the people’s life choices – every person has to have a chance to live their life the way they want to live it. Either one of the choices has its positive and negative sides – like almost every decision in life.

The person, who decides to leave their life to work up to something, or to achieve something bigger, has more risks than the one who sticks to the “safe path.” The destiny isn’t something you know then you’re born, and you’ll never know what the life has got planned for you, and it shouldn’t be told because otherwise, society wouldn’t function. There’s no way every person could become a multimillionaire with everything that they desire – then who’s going to do the low-salary jobs? Who will work for those big companies? Most of the career paths require these type of people, who generally are concentrated on doing their jobs and don’t expect anything else from their careers.

In the beginning, I mentioned that the idea of writing about this topic came from the book that I read. The book contained so many stories of the people, who are determined to achieve something bigger from their lives. I find it so fascinating how these people described their future plans and ideas that they had for their career mainly. I found it almost mesmerizing to read. Such a determination to become someone and achieve something. Also, the passion that they had as they described their plans for their future and careers was so inspiring and admirable. The most I admired the people, who were determined to achieve something in business. They had everything so deeply covered and organized. These type of people inspire me to be the person that I’m today and want to become in the future.



The world is large, and every person has their own way of living. Every single person has some aim in life – even if it’s sitting on their couch and munching on treats all day long, but if that’s the way they desire to do with their life when there shouldn’t be any complaints about it unless it doesn’t affect your life in any way. The point here is that what might seem like a waste of time to you, might not for the other person. Not everyone’s interested in expanding their career. Some people are, for example, determined on making a family and spending their lives as a part of it. There are endless ways of how you decide to live your life, and with who to share it with.

The choice is yours, and whatever you choose to do with your life should only depend on you. Society shouldn’t play a part in your decision. If you want to achieve something bigger in your career – do it! If you decide to settle on your current career or life choice, then do it if it feels like something that you won’t regret later on in life.

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I often like to compare life to a book. Every tiniest decision might turn your life upside down. One event leads to another, and there are so many ways to write a book. The most important detail about writing your book is that once you have written it, you should be proud of the story you had created.

So both of the ways of working are important. One way balances the other. We need people variety of different people to balance out the working society – so all the working places would be covered. Which means that every workplace has an important impact on the community. None of the career choices should be judged or devalued.

It’s inspiring to see young people with such determination these days to achieve something. There’s also a wide circle of teenagers and adults with no ambitions or plans for their future, and it is hard to avoid the judgment from other people in this state of their lives. We must understand that the society needs these types of individuals as well to avoid the imbalance in our community.

I can talk on this topic eternally. I think that I managed to say almost everything within my mind and cover most of my thoughts about this topic. I hope that it wasn’t too hard to understand my thoughts because I tend to drift away from my original topic – bad habit. Anyway, please leave your thoughts about this topic, and whether you agree with my statements or not.



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