Bonjour! My Trip to Nice, France.

Bonjour, everyone!

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you might have noticed a lack of blog posts during this week. Well, the reason why I hadn’t been blogging as actively as I usually do is due to my trip. Actually – I’m writing this new post in the Helsinki’s airport. I hope to write most of my post during the time we wait for our flight.

The journey to Nice started at the bus station at 11:00 – my Godfather dropped us (me and my parents) off. We drove to the Tallinn’s airport and then got on 14:50’s flight to Helsinki. Fortunately, the waiting time was suitable to visit the lounge and have a small shopping spree in the Helsinki’s airport. Our flight to Nice was at 17:05. The flight was approximately three hours long – I used the time to write on my computer.


Finally, we arrived at our Hotel – Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee. It was a bit late, but we still decided to go for a walk on the promenade to get a sight of the Nice. The weather was warm and damp. The slight breeze had a pleasant scent of the sea. It was refreshing to have such a lovely change to the Estonia’s crisp weather. We walked to the end of the route, and my mother took some pictures on the top of the hill with this stylish sign. There were loads of street artists, locals, and tourists on the promenade. It was a good beginning for our vacation. We were certainly satisfied.


I got up at 6:00, and went for a run on the promenade. I found that it I would be a perfect way to kick off my every single morning in the Nice like this. Despite the time the promenade had already lots of runners, bicyclists, and other people. It wasn’t as packed as it would be during the day time but it wasn’t empty either. After the run, I went to the hotel’s fitness center to do some additional exercises and yoga.

The breakfast offered various choices and was nicely organized. We ate there every morning prior our daily activities. Mostly after the breakfast, we left for the beach. The only issue with the beach was the rocks and the waves. It was difficult to just enjoy the water as the waves were pulling you deeper and deeper into the water. The rocks were uncomfortable and hard to walk on, plus they were also quite slippery. Despite all the difficulties we still managed to swim, or at least get a nice tan on the stormier day.

For the coffee, we found the Starbucks in the city. The area had only one Starbucks (My family is obsessed with Starbucks’ coffee). The Starbucks that we visited was located in some local shopping center. We found it odd that Starbucks had only one location and Subway and McDonald’s had so many of them.


During our trip, we visited two museums and took a ride on the Hop On Hop Off bus. The first museum that we visited was Marc Chagall’s Museum. The Museum wasn’t huge, but the architecture of the place was stunning. It was modern and subtle at the same time. Marc Chagall’s art pieces are mostly religious. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside of the museum. I’m not the biggest artist myself, but It was definitely an eye-opening experience. Here’s the picture of a little souvenir I bought from there.


The other museum that we visited was Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. This museum we didn’t like as much as Marc Chagall’s, but it was still an experience to go there. The Museum was significantly bigger than the Marc Chagall’s museum, and the concept of art was also totally opposite. The Museum of Modern and Cotemporary Art contained loads of French and American artworks from the 1960s until the present. It was hard for us to understand the artist’s ideas behind its’ pieces than in the Marc Chagall’s museum, but I found that the museum was unique and worth visiting. Plus the rooftop’s view at the end was beautiful. Another plus was that it was allowed to take pictures of the artwork. I took pictures of few of my favorite ones.

The Hop On Hop Off tour was also worth visiting as we saw most of the area, and we also got a chance to hear about it at the same time. We enjoyed the ride, and it gave us an overview of Nice’s history. We also got to see small unique places in the town. We definitely don’t regret it.

My parents also got to eat a lot of fresh seafood and the local food. For me, it was harder to find something out of the menu (I’m vegan if you still don’t know it). Mostly they had to make something special for me, but it was even pleasant to get to have your own dish. Sadly I had a few bad experiences at the restaurants that I visited during my trip, but after a few days, I started looking for places suitable for vegans. After that, I didn’t have any complications. So my recommendation for all the vegans out there who are planning to visit Nice to look up on the internet (I used TripAdvisor) for eating places that have vegan options.

And of course, we did a lot of shopping. I managed to stay focused during this whole trip and buy only items that I truly needed and wanted – which I’m actually really proud of. The area that we stayed at offered variety of different shops. There were loads of high-end boutiques, tourist shops, supermarkets, markets, gourmet stores, shopping centers, etc.). We were all satisfied with our purchases.

Another place that I almost to mention about was the Bellanda’s Tower. The view was astonishing up there, and it’s definitely worth climbing up there – especially in the evening. The whole area was visible, and I got a chance to take some breathtaking pictures up there. The tower also had some tower viewers to take a closer look if needed.

One day, then the weather wasn’t at it’s best, I decided to pamper myself with a visit to the beauty salon. That’s not actually something that I do often during my vacations, but I wanted to try something different. So I had my nails done. I did the long lasting manicure and pedicure. I got the most natural color, and it should stay put for at least 3 weeks. The procedure took a long time, but the end result was worth it. The salon was near my hotel, and it was tidy and welcoming. The prices were fair, and it was definitely worth the splurge.

The whole trip lasted for six days, and the flight back went smoothly. Only the waiting time in Helsinki was a whole lot longer, but I didn’t make a huge problem out of it. After all, I must say that I loved this trip, and it was a perfect getaway. I enjoyed the change of environment and a chance to discover a new destination. I’m also happy that I got to spend the vacation in my parents’ company. I would definitely visit Nice again in the future.



6 thoughts on “Bonjour! My Trip to Nice, France.

  1. Those are some lovely photos! I like your outfits!
    Nice is one of my favourite places in France! I loved exploring the promenade and looking at the small shops there. I am sorry that you didn’t like the beach as much. There are lots of pebbles and hard to walk on.


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