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Hi, everyone!

Recently I got tagged by my fellow blogger – Sophie Li, to do this tag about getting to know me better. I think that’s a great opportunity for me to reveal a little bit more about myself to you. I actually quite pumped to get to answering these questions. So without further or do – let’s get started!

Vital Stats

Name: Stella

Nickname: My mother constantly calls me Marusya, because of my middle name (Maria), and my father calls me sometimes Šeff, which actually means boss in the Estonian language.

Birthday: 1st of March

Star Sign: Pisces

Occupation: I’m a student, but I’m also associated with a modeling agency.


Hair color: Naturally I’m dark blonde, but currently I’ve colored it lighter.

Hair length: Long

Eye color: Greyish blue

Best feature: I guess my jawline and cheekbones.

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Braces: No

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: No

Right handed or left handed: Right handed


Real holiday: My first travel was to Costa del Sol, which is located in Spain. I was just a baby back then.

Best friend: My first best friend was Annabrit. I met her at the pre-school, and we’re still very close friends.


Annabrit is the one with dark hair.


Award: The first award that I got was in gymnastics then I was super young. I actually still remember receiving it, what I find quite funny.

Sport: Gymnastics

Concert: I’m sure my first big “official” musical performance that I attended to, must have been Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. I visited it with my mother, and I remember it as one of the best moments of my life. Back then I was a huge Gaga’s fan. I even have some of the merchandise from the tour left. I used to have a poster as well, but my mother has probably thrown it away during my room’s renovation.


TV shows: These are some of my current favorites –  Hello, My Twenties!, Good Morning Call, (basically every Asian TV show ever), Pretty Little Liars, iZombie.

Color: Creamy Pink

Songs: My music taste is very varied, but if I had to choose I would say that Miley Cyrus’ latest songs “Malibu” and “Inspired.” I also enjoy listening to the K-Pop and Cello.

Restaurant: Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine is my way to go.

Shop: Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Bobbi Brown.

Books: Ugh, this might be one of the hardest questions, but my all the time favorite book trilogy is “The Fifth Wave.” And from individual books – “Dream House.”

Shoes: I love wearing heels! They make me feel so confident and feminine, but I’m also obsessed with expensive high-end sneakers.


Feeling: Relaxed

Single or taken: Single

Eating: Nothing

Thinking about: Activities to do prior going to the sleep.

Watching: Long Island Medium

Wearing: Maze Runner themed hoodie with “If I Die Today Tell Newt I Loved Him” written on it and blue Adidas sweatpants.


Want children: Probably, but only one.

Want to be married: Yes!

Careers in mind: As I have already mentioned, I desire to become a writer, but I’m also interested in business.

Where you want to live: My dream is to move to England, but I’m open to surprises.

Do you believe in

God: Yes, I do.

Miracles: Yes!

Love at the first sight: I’m not sure… I have never fallen in love with somebody, but I think that it exists with some people for sure. It all depends on peoples’ personality and trust.

Ghosts: Yes, I do believe in ghosts, and almost everything supernatural.

Aliens: I do believe in aliens, but I’m sure that if they exist then they look like a human, not like the weird creatures described by most people.

Soulmates: I guess they do exist, but not with everyone.

Heaven and hell: We will never know, but I do not believe in such belief.

Kissing on a first date: I genuinely don’t find it appropriate, but if the timing feels right then there shouldn’t be anyone judging your decision.

Yourself: Yes, I do believe in myself! I find that believing in yourself is one of the main keys to success.


I want to challenge these fantastic bloggers to do this tag:







P.S. Bear in mind that this post was written in the evening, prior the day of actually posting it!



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