My Favorite Restaurant in Estonia

Hello, everyone!

Recently, my parents and I went to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. We had some business there to manage, but afterward, I really wanted to go somewhere nice to eat. So, I used one of my favorite apps for planning trips (TripAdvisor). I searched for the restaurants that have vegan options, and I also tried to aim for Asian cuisine, because I was tired of the South European food.

Plus all the places that were on the top restaurants always had only one vegan option, which was mainly eggplant (not that I have anything against it, just it can be a bit tedious). The restaurant that caught my eye was a place called Chedi. The reviews were mostly positive, and the location wasn’t too far away.

At first, my parents didn’t want to go there, because they thought that the food would be too spicy for them. My parents hate spicy food (especially my mother), but I love spicy dishes, and spiciness was actually something that I missed during my trip to Nice the most (Read more about my trip to Nice). I’m not saying that the food there was bland, but it was blander than I usually have at home.

Anyway, the day was going well at Tallinn. I was happy because I got a new suitcase, which I had wanted to get for so long. I’m in love with it! It looks so beautiful, and I have never owned such an elegant language before. I was so grateful for my parents for buying it for me! Even though they were concerned about it getting dirty, and scratched. Fortunately, the suitcase had a plastic cover to put over it to avoid any damage.

Shortly after that, we started heading to the restaurant. As we got there, the restaurant looked inviting from the outside, but the inside was even better. I was amazed by the decor! It took me back to my second home, which is Phuket. I felt so warm inside, and the decor really complimented the whole experience.

The service was very welcoming and friendly. The waiter helped us with choosing dishes, and she was patient with every question we had. There were a variety of vegan options, so already the fact that the place offered plenty of plant-based options was a big plus for me.

The menu had so much different, and interesting dishes. Some of them even had ingredients that aren’t available in Estonia (like the sacred lotus). The dishes with meats had some uncommon options as well – such as the venison. There were also loads of traditional Asian meals to try, as well as an outstanding dessert menu. The drink list offered a variety of drinking options. There were a lot of international beverages, but what caught my attention was the unique tea menu. There were so many to choose from.

The overall experience was among the best ones, but the real shocker for me was the fact that the restaurant was in Estonia! So if you ever decide to visit Estonia, I highly suggest visiting Chadi restaurant. You won’t regret it – especially if you admire Asian cuisine as highly as me.

After this experience, we went to the Marilyn Kerro’s shop that she opened quite recently (my mother and I are addicted to sensitives). The store was cozy and had nice calming music playing in the background. The displays had a lot of amazing products. Even my father bought one stone from there!

In my opinion, it was a really successful, and memorable day. I can’t wait to revisit the Chadi restaurant to try even more of their delicious dishes.




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