​How I Became a Model​

Hi, everyone!

So as you can tell, I have made some pretty big changes to my social media accounts, and my blog. I really hope that you like them. Anyway, today I wanted to share a very important story with you — it’s a story of how I became a model.

It all started at the beginning of November in 2016 — My parents and I were headed to the theater, and my father kept asking me about my ID card, which I had taken with me. We were nearly there, and then my father remembers that he had left the tickets at home. He’s obliged to turn his car around and drive back home. He was worried that we will turn up late to the play. The whole way back home, my mom tried to calm him down. Fortunately, we turned up just in a minute for the play.

After the play, my father went to get our coats. As my mother and I  waited for him to turn back, we were greeted by a lovely lady from a modeling agency, her name was Mari Sotter. She had bright red lips and a gorgeous outfit. Mari introduced herself as a booker for models in Modeling Agency Icon. She told us that my appearance had caught her attention. Apparently, she saw us rushing into the auditorium at last second, and she wanted to know if I would be interested in a modeling career. At first, I was shocked, and my first thought was no way. I told Mari that I will think about it, and she gave me her business card. My mother was there for the most of the time, and she said that I would become a model over her dead corpse after Mari had left us. I remember dancing off to the car, feeling super confident.


A day later, I searched for Mari Sotter on Instagram. We started talking, and soon enough she had arranged a meeting with the agency for me. I was really worried but excited at the same time. I wasn’t sure if they would like me or my appearance. A day before the visit, I tried to achieve my best look ( I did my nails, my full-haircare routine, the longest skin care routine on the entire universe, and made sure that the outfit that I wore was suitable).


As I got there, I expected everything to be really strict, but the atmosphere was opposite of that. My mother and I turned up a bit late because we couldn’t find the place. Fortunately, they weren’t mad at all. Sadly, Mari couldn’t come, but we were greeted by her coworker, Terje Kissa, who was really friendly and nice towards us.


For some time, Terje talked about the agency (she is the head of the agency). She covered everything about it, and later on, we got to ask questions. Afterward, she had let me talk about myself, and then she asked me and my mother some personal questions. Then there was the part that I was the most nervous, and the most excited about — the photo shoot. Terje took pictures herself, while my mother waited on the couch. Suddenly, I didn’t feel nervous at all — opposite, I felt super confident, and tried my best to do as she instructed me to. I tried to imitate some of the poses that fashion magazines had, but she preferred to have photos that were more casual, so I did as she wanted, and kept it simple. After the photo shoot, Terje promised to let us know about their decision as soon as possible.

At the time the email arrived, I was on a vacation at Phuket. I remember that the answer came just a bit before the Christmas Eve. I was excited to hear the response, and it was positive. I recall being overwhelmed by emotions. I couldn’t have been less excited. The only condition was that I had to lose some muscle mass (I was very ripped at the time). This made me rethink my decisions, but it didn’t take me too long to decide. After few days of thinking, I had made a decision to give it a shot, and join the agency. The turn of the events just seemed to lead me to this path, so I didn’t want to blow my chance. It just felt like a right thing to do.


After the trip, I had to wait a few months, so my muscles get less bulky. The wait was excruciating as I couldn’t wait to show the agency my potential in the modeling community. Fortunately, the time passed pretty quickly, and soon I had another photo shoot — this time in a studio. The shoot went well, and Terje, who was again taking the pictures was pleased by my progress. At the photo shoot, I also had a chance to see the other models, who were working at Agency Icon for the first time, as I have never seen them in person before. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk to them.

Then, a few months later, there was a modeling workshop, where I finally got to meet most of the girls, mainly the fresh faces — like me. I got to practice my catwalk, and learn some of the basics of modeling. It was an eye-opening experience. This workshop made me truly feel as a part of the agency, and I felt very grateful for the opportunity.


Finally, after months of waiting, and I was on the verge of quitting the agency, they announced that they had booked me a photo shoot with a photographer. At first, I thought that I’ll tell them no but then I figured why not, and showed up at the photo shoot. The reason, behind the long wait, was that the agency had to arrange everything for the models, who had to travel during the summer. But the waiting time was unbearable for me — it just made me feel like they didn’t care enough about me. So, this photo shoot was an ideal opportunity for me to show them how much potential I had within me.

The photo shoot went better than I had ever expected. The photographer even told me that he wouldn’t say by the photos that I was a fresh face, which made me even more confident, and I tried my very best to pose as if I had been modeling for years. The photographer was wonderful, and working with him was a pure pleasure. We talked and got to know each other during the photo shoot. All these incredible new modeling photos are captured by him.

Anyway, that’s my story of how I got my modeling career. I know that modeling can be a really difficult field to manage, but I will do my best and try my hardest to stay strong and confident for the whole duration of this journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, and how will these life choices affect me, but right now I feel that the decisions that I have made are the right ones, and I’m happy with them. That’s what truly matters to me — that I feel pleased with my current life choices.




14 thoughts on “​How I Became a Model​

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! You are beautiful and I love your photos 🙂
    That is unfortunate though that they asked you to lose your muscles. That must be hard to let go because I imagine that they took a lot of effort to get!
    Hope your modeling career goes well and keep us updated!


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      1. So for every shoot you have to go there? How do you manage that? Or are the shoots not that often so it’s not too hard?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Also, another question out of curiosity since I’ve been considering modelling, do you get paid for your photoshoots/commercials etc (anything you do there) or will in the near future?

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