Importance of Staying Determined

If someone asked me what is the most important thing that I have learned over all these years then my answer would probably be to stay determined on your goals and to not let others’ opinion affect me in any way. You have probably heard this topic before but I really wanted to write my view about it.

A year back from now I was a totally different person than I’m now — I was super self-conscious and sensitive to judgment. Now — I don’t care what others think about me. I just realized that I have got this one life to live, and I don’t want others’ opinion to ruin the way I do it — it’s not worth it.

I wouldn’t probably be the person who I’m without all the positive people around me, who encouraged me to stay focused on my goals. So one of the most important things is to get rid of all the negative people in your life — let’s face it — it’s better to have a smaller circle of good friends than to have a wide circle of bad friends, who have a bad influence on you. It is hard to let go of some people, but once you do you realize how much better off you’re without them — you will be glad that you made that decision.


Not all the opinions are bad. You just have to know what’s best for you and hear the advice from the people you know that you trust. I’ve always listened to my mother’s advice because mostly she ends up being right at the end — even if I don’t like what she says. There are other people that I take the advice from, but I rather keep the circle small.

During your life, you must determine what’s best for you. If you feel that you’re not okay with something — say it out loud, and don’t be afraid of judgment. It’s better to change things earlier before they get too far. Keeping something in you is the worst thing to do.

But how to keep motivated? How do you keep determined on your goals? Well — that’s something that you must encounter yourself. Everyone has their own way of keeping determined, but once you have found your way of doing that — that’s the time that you’ll also encounter happiness and success in life.


If you feel that you have no determination in your life what’s so ever then it might be time to make changes in your lifestyle. Sometimes even little changes can have a huge impact on your way of approaching life. These changes are the key to happiness what also triggers the motivation.

Being happy is the key to finding your motivation. Once you are satisfied with your life — that’s the time you’ll also encounter your inner strength to stay determined on your goals. Living your life while being miserable will not trigger your motivation, and it will only make things worse.

The last year in my old school — I had so much negativity around me. I felt as if everyone was trying to bring me down, but I stayed determined to myself, and I fought — even if I ended up crying while chatting with my mother on my phone. Not only did I feel judged at school — I also had bad experiences at my volleyball practice —mainly with the trainers. So I decided to quit — not only because of the judgment — but because I wanted to. I just felt that I don’t want to do it anymore. I just liked doing other sports more. I hadn’t regret my decision as I feel so much happier now than I did before.

After I had quit volleyball — I had so much more time for the things that I truly enjoyed doing. I committed to my interests, and I found my inner confidence and balance. My mind felt so much clearer. After I finished my old school I felt even better. Everything is going the way that I want now. I’m living my life at my happiest point.




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