My Fascination with Asia

Hi, everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my obsession with Asia. If you have been following my blog for a while then you probably know that I love everything associated with Asia — culture, food, clothing, customs, music, tv shows, etc. Ever since I was a child I had an interest in Asia. Just everything seemed so different there and appealing. The interest has remained ever since.

Actually, just recently I have decided to learn The Mandarin language on my own. I bought a Mandarin language textbook, and I have notepad where I take notes. I really want to take it seriously— so I try to incorporate a little bit of studying into every day. My new school has got an additional Chinese lesson, where you can study the Chinese culture and language. I will definitely apply for these lessons then I get there.


Asian cuisine is a big part of my diet. I mainly cook only Asian food, as I find other cuisines bland and boring. Asian kitchen has always found a way to surprise me with its sensational and spicy flavors. Mainly I like Thai and Japanese kitchen, but others are also really good — just these are my favorites. I love trying out new recipes, and mainly I end up with very delicious dishes. Also after I cook a new recipe and it comes out delicious — I feel super proud of myself. The only thing that I find annoying is the fact that the ingredients are so hard to find in Estonia. There is a bigger chance to find them in Tallin, where I mostly buy all of the staples for my cooking, then in my hometown. Also, I can’t stand most of the Asian restaurants in Tartu. Well, there aren’t many of them but I hate how they ruin the authentic recipes by adding ingredients that don’t go with the recipe. For instance, I just recently went to the Tokyo Sushi Bar, and I ordered Wakame and they served it with mayo — like what the hell? Plus they used wrong rice in sushis — so sushis were also quite awful. Probably won’t go there again for a while now…

The culture in Asia is so interesting — I mean I could listen to someone talking about it for ages. I just love how different it is from Europe. All the aspects of it are so fascinating. It’s hard to describe exactly why I like it so much, but I’m trying my best to explain it to you. Once I happened to watch a documentary about Asia’s history, and I was so into it — I didn’t even hear my cat knocking over my Victoria’s Secret body mists.

Asian customs have always been the most interesting topic to discuss with someone. I mean even eating the food with chopsticks or wearing a kimono on formal occasions or going to temple on birthdays. I know that Asia is very big and discussing it as a whole is a bit too much — but I find the whole continent very fascinating. I would love to have more friends from Asia to learn more about its customs. I have a very good friend from Thailand, who has thought me so much about Thailand’s culture. I’m so grateful for her, she is and she always will be among my treasured friends. I’m actually hoping that my roommate in my new school will be Asian, but she would probably hate me because of all of the questions that I will be asking.



Honestly, if I’m not reading or studying then I will probably find me listening to K-pop. I actually just recently discovered my love towards K-pop. I know that they have been around for a while now, but I discovered them just a little before my summer break. I wish that I have found them earlier though because their music is amazing — I could listen to them everyday. I also listen to the Asian new age music — mainly then I’m writing or doing yoga. I just love how relaxed and refreshed it makes me feel.

The Asian TV shows are everything to me. I love how the acting is over dramatic and how it even looks a bit silly. I have ditched all the American TV shows, and now I’m only watching the Asian ones. Just the Asian ones are so much more appealing to me than the normal popular TV shows. Right now I have been watching on the Netflix the Mischievous Kiss 1 and My Runway. But the ones that I finished and I loved were the Hello, My Twenties, and the Good Morning Call. I highly suggest watching these or at least consider watching them.


Asian fashion bloggers give me the style inspiration. I just can’t help to fall in love with their clothing combinations. I follow many on Instagram and WordPress. I also enjoy scrolling through Asian style magazines and websites. Mainly I like the Japanese styled clothing. I’m obsessed with Sakura tree blossoms — so I have many bags and clothing items with them or with the same pink color. Every time that I travel and I see Asian tourists that are dressed well I can’t help but remember their styles.


Asian beauty products are my essential. In my post about My Skincare Essentials, I had loads of Thann products. I also love the unique Asian beauty products. I have loads of them in my beauty drawers, and if I buy sheet masks then I always tend to grab the ones that are from Asia. Mainly I buy my Asian beauty products from Thailand, where they are super cheap. I can’t help myself when it comes to these cute Asian products with cute names and animals on the packaging. I mean am I really the only one that gets super excited then the shops have Asian products displayed on the counters?


Not only do I like the cute beauty products but I like everything that’s “Kawaii” cute — if you know what I mean. I love Gudetama and all of those adorable Asian characters. I mean I don’t have my room filled with them but I still have few items lying around here and there. My room has some Asian decorations — they just make me feel calmer, and they also remind me of my “second home,” Phuket. Lately, I have been really missing Phuket. My friend can’t also talk to me as much because she’s very busy right now. So I have been cooking a lot of Thai dishes to relieve my grief.

So as you can already understand then I love Asian cuisine, but very important part of my life is tea. There literally isn’t a day that I don’t drink tea. I love having the authentic Chinese green tea or matcha green tea or lemongrass tea or jasmine tea or just any kind of Asian tea. Thailand offers loads of unique tea flavors for cheap prices — like mango tea, mangosteen tea, banana tea, oolong leave tea, etc. My family and I buy a lot of our teas from Thailand.


Also, nature is amazing. I mean everything looks so beautiful in Asia. The sights are simply astonishing — let it be even city — I will be still mesmerized by it. Don’t let me get to the plants! What can be more beautiful than Sakura tree blossoms or an early morning in Bali? — Or city lights in Tokyo? I mean I could go on and on and on. The Asian decor and architecture are so beautiful. In the future I want my home to look like the beautiful ones in Japan or Bali. And the fact that they have so much fresh and unique fruits — ugh, I really wish that I could have fresh Thai mango every single day!

Another fascinating aspect about Asia is the patterns. I love the unique patterns with logograms, animals, flowers, etc. I love to wear them, to have them in my room and just, in general, I enjoy them.


In my opinion, Asian people are pretty in general. I adore the Asian children — they’re the cutest! I find many Asian models really gorgeous — like Liu Wen, Ming Xi, and Sui He. I love how beautiful and thick hair most of the Asian people have, and how nice and bright their skin is.

Well, I guess that wraps it up. I hope that now you have a clearer point of view of my obsession with Asia. I tried to talk about every topic as summed up as possible, but let me know in the comments if you want me to write about any of these topics a bit longer. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “My Fascination with Asia

  1. I think it is interesting. I am a Half-Chinese guy in Germany and looking at media portrayal of Asian culture or asian people (especially when it comes to guys) is… well usually not so positive :). People have stupid stereotypes (ALL asians must be Chinese, ching-chang-chong.., Asian people eat dogs huehue, Asian women submissive, Asian guys unmanly and unattractive, being ignorant of some of their countries customs and so on and on). So therefore, when I was a child, I was always trying to hide my “Chinese” side. Whenever somebody tried to ask me to speak my language or what I do in my Holidays, I would never answer because I thought they would make fun of me. I think many of my asian friends (mostly Vietnamese) felt the same. Now, I am actually very happy to have this side, cause I realised there are tons of cool things as you mentioned in your posts. People are also getting less ignorant it seems (or maybe it is because I am talking with more educated people now) and media seems to be little bit less racist now. For example, pretty much the only reason I watched the Walking Dead is because of Glenn. He is just there, he is respected as American and there are no jokes about him being asian, let alone these typical questions like: Where are you REALLY from, do you eat dogs, do you eat rice all day?. And he is badass.

    Anyways, in general, I found people who showed interest in asian culture really cool because it shows that they can get over ignorance and stereotypes. It doesn’t even matter if they then judge something about that culture. Just the effort of trying to see things from a different perspective is already huge. Thanks for your post. I found it funny what you mentioned about the food, my mother pretty much says the same thing. I don’t even know why they do that, there is so much delicious food which I think europeans would really like.

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