My Workout Routine

Hi, everyone!

I hope that your holidays are going well. For me, they definitely are because I’m currently in Phuket enjoying the sun and the ocean. Not to mention all the fresh fruit! Vacation for me doesn’t mean letting myself loose — working out is an everyday inseparable part of my life. As I have mentioned many times — consistency is the key to success. In my last blog, I promised to share my workout routine with you. So now I’m going to reveal it and explain why and how I do it.

Alright, I workout every single day with exceptions of then it’s simply not possible. Some might think that it’s not right to workout every day and I know that some people would say that I’m crazy but that’s the way I desire to live my life and that’s the way that I’m doing it. I feel like working out everyday satisfies me. Let’s get another thing straight — I’m not forcing myself to workout or anything. Working out gives me pure pleasure and I love doing it. I think if I could I would live in the gym — it’s like my place of peace. When I workout I feel powerful and strong.

However, I haven’t always been like this. Once I was also lazy and keeping fit felt more as a chore than a pleasurable activity. But that’s something that I want to write longer about in another blog post in the future.

My workout routine varies. Even though I have set structure to my workouts. It varies depending on the environment, time that I have got and conditions. For instance, my workout routine is different than the one at my boarding school or when I travel or when I’m at home.

When I’m at home and I have got a whole day to spare, I divide my workout into two parts: cardio — running; muscle training and yoga. In the morning, I go for a run for about 40 minutes outside. I love running outdoors the most. I love running in the morning because I feel that it gives me energy for the rest of my day. At the end of my run, I do a sprint to my house. After that, I stretch a bit and do the handstand.

My second workout is all about toning the muscle, flexibility, and stretching  I usually do it in the afternoon-evening time. I workout with Rebecca-Louise‘s videos, I have mentioned her in my previous blogs (you can read a little bit more about her in this post), and I highly suggest checking her out. She’s such a bright personality who has helped so many people to get fit. She’s one of my role models.

I always work out my whole body — I don’t have a certain body part that I workout in particular day. My muscle toning routine usually looks like this: cardio/full body (warm-up) – legs – butt – abs – upper body (arms, bingo wings, shoulders, chest, back). I use Rebecca’s videos which last to 10-15 minutes to complete these body parts. Sometimes I switch the cardio warm-up to one of her full body workouts or I add an oblique workout to the mix. I choose her videos depending on how I am feeling. I have done almost all of her workouts on her channel. If I have less time to spare I can adapt it and do a shorter version — for instance, combine butt and legs or abs and upper body.

Following after that, I do my yoga routine which lasts for about 20-40 minutes — in order to stretch out the muscles to reduce tenseness in them. Yoga helps me not become overly bulky and clear out my mind (even though cardio and muscle training does the same, just in a different way). The yoga is the newest aspect that has been added to my workout routine. I started doing yoga about a year ago, just right after the trip to Thailand. It was suggested to me by my modeling agent because I was a bit too bulky for fashion modeling at the time. The yoga made significant changes — it did help me and doing the exercises became easier as well with added flexibility. It is also quite overwhelming to master the new yoga poses. Taking a look at the progress that has been made is very encouraging.

When I’m at my boarding school, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to plan my workouts for the day the way that I would have wanted. Still, I have managed to work out a routine that suits me and won’t get me into a trouble of being late to the curfew. Sadly, I can’t run in the morning because of the limited time. So after the school, which ends at 4 p.m., I go straight to the gym. There I start with my cardio part on the treadmill. Again, 40 minutes of running — 35 minutes of regular running and 5 minutes of the sprint. I would love to run outside but the weather in England is completely different to weather in Estonia. Even though it’s colder in Estonia temperature wise but it’s cold-dry but in England it’s cold-moist, plus the horrible wind. I wouldn’t actually mind running outside with England’s weather but it’s very easy to get cold, and I need my health for my studies.

Anyway continuing with the workout routine — after the sprint, I lay down my yoga mat that I brought with me from Estonia. The muscle toning routine looks basically the same as the one that I do at home — it might be just a bit shorter (on the weekends it’s usually longer). Running and muscle toning is my first part of the workout. In the evening, after I have finished all my prep I do yoga in my room for about 30 minutes. On the weekends though, I do one big workout: running+muscle toning+yoga (everything at the gym).

Lastly the workout routine during my travels. I workout very early in the morning — before the breakfast (usually I have my breakfast first then I’m not traveling). I either workout in the gym or outdoors and in the hotel room. I workout outdoors and in the hotel room then the gym isn’t the best or opens too late. I like to workout early in the morning to not waste any of the precious time that I have got in the other country. Plus I feel that getting the workout done in the morning allows me to concentrate on an upcoming day better. So I do one big workout in the morning: running+muscle toning+yoga. I might cut it a bit shorter if circumstances require so.

Alright, guys, I hope that you are happy now that you know my exact workout routine. I know that some of you really wanted to know what my workouts look like. I do not encourage everyone to work out the way that I do. I know that it might seem too much for some people. I think that every person has to have an individual workout that makes them feel whole and balanced. Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore — it should be something that you want to do and do out of the free will. And again if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle I suggest taking small steps towards it — taking into account your body’s requirements. If you don’t know where to start I highly recommend checking out Rebecca-Louise’s website and youtube channel — she’s amazing and had helped so many people. Some other wonderful people to follow are Sarahs Day, Blogilates and Kelsey Lee. There are a lot more of amazing people to check out but I can’t list them all.

Anyway, If you have got any additional questions leave a comment and I will definitely answer. Or if you have got any other topics that you want me to cover please let me know!


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