Estonian Patriot with Cat Addiction

Hi everyone!

In my last blog post, I promised to make a new blog post shortly. I’m not sure when this blog will be up but I hope that it won’t take me too much time. In this blog, I want to talk a bit about everything that has happened after I returned back from winter holidays; some thoughts, feelings, and events. Even though, my life at the school is pretty much the same every day. I love having a strict routine — I feel that it allows me to be more productive and concentrate on the tasks that need to be completed.

I would suggest heading first to my last blog post before reading this one as I will be mentioning some details from it in this blog post. I intend to write three blog posts during this holiday. Let’s see how it goes. Actually, I have a fourth one planned as well but I doubt that I will have time to write it. Anyways, let’s get on with the blog post

After I had come back from winter holidays, we literally had the mock exams the next week. And as you probably already know, I didn’t manage to revise at all. I only did all of the prep that was given to us before we had gone to holidays (most of it I completed whilst I was flying to Manchester). During the time I was so stressed. My face was covered with breakouts and I didn’t even have time to wash my hair. Literally, during the week of the mock exams, I didn’t wash my hair before all of the exams were done — just because I had no time to spare. All I did was revising. I revised until late hours and Starbucks instant coffee kept me going. I know that sleep is very important part of healthy and active lifestyle but I just couldn’t sleep knowing that I hadn’t covered or wasn’t certain about a topic. I knew that the mock exams aren’t the actual real ones. I kept repeating to myself to calm down. Somehow the week managed to pass and the results were fine. I knew that I could do better but that what the mock exams are for not to stress you out but show what are your weak spots, to improve them and do better during the real exams as you will already have a taste of what’s coming.

After the mocks, we had a shopping trip to Leeds. I didn’t want to spend too much money there as I know that soon my parents and I will be going on a trip to Langkawi and Singapore (At the end of March). I also know that my education and all of the other expenses cost a lot of money, therefore, I try to not be self-centered and care about my parents’ money as they already do so much for me, for what I’ very grateful for.

Coming back to the shopping trip. I spent over two hours in an organic and natural food store called Out of This World. I know I’m crazy. This shop was so good! I got some much stuff from there. I was literally going over every single shelf within the store, trying to take in everything that they offered. They had so many healthy surprising foods — some of which I have seen my role models and health enthusiasts brag about. Thanks for this store I restored my love towards sauerkraut (if I even had one). Anyway now it’s amongst one of my favorite foods! Unfortunately, I knew that I won’t be able to buy the whole store and carry it (as much as I wanted to). Plus, there the problem with the fridge; it’s too tiny! And I know that my roommate doesn’t really consider the capacity of the fridge. So I am the one making sacrifices. Even though, most of the food that I bought from there didn’t need to be placed in the fridge or only once it was opened. They also had a deli there that had some delicious healthy treats. I bought myself some banana bread as it is one of my favorite treats ever. After I had bought all of the stuff, I went to Marks&Spencer’s Food Hall to buy some fresh fruit and veggies. The health store had some but not as much as the M&S.

Other than that I also managed to eat out. At first, I wanted to visit the most adorable place ever, The Kitty Café. Unfortunately, it was fully booked. No wonder. Anyway, the next time we will go to Leeds, I will make sure that I book a table — I need to visit this place. Omg being surrounded by cats — sounds like a dream! This place made me miss my cat Max though. I even shed a tear… I really miss my most precious fur ball in the entire universe. Before I left the café, I donated 5 pounds to the fund box that they had. I love making donations and I think that it’s so important to support the ones who need it. The most sensitive spot for me is the animal-related topics, that’s also one of the reasons why I don’t eat meat. Therefore, whenever I see a fundraising aimed towards animals, I support them, or if a homeless is with an animal, I will always leave some spare change. If you want to make a donation as well then you can do it on their website. The donations will go to the cats that they rescue and need more money for treatments and other additional costs.

After I didn’t get into the Kitty Café, I wandered around, looking for a place to eat and kittens were still on my mind. While I was searching I gave another 5 pounds to a homeless man with a dog. Finally, I found a decent place. The restaurant was near the Starbucks in that I went right after we arrived, which was conveniently close to our meeting point. So I didn’t need to go too far after I had lunch.

In my last blog, I mentioned that I had developed this patriotic attitude towards my country. And actually, now, my favorite cuisine is Nordic (like Northern Europe inspired foods). Before I have said that the Nordic food is bland or whatever but I have discovered so many amazing flavors while testing some of the recipes and my own ideas — now I’m in love with my home country’s food. I have also been very experimental with my porridges which I again in my opinion such a Nordic food. I use often recipes from Instagram or from my apps to inspire me but I do like to adapt them slightly sometimes. I really don’t understand people who dislike porridges! I love porridges, they are my holy grail. There are just so many flavors to combine and to play with. There are so many grains to use: oats, rice flakes, semolina, millet, buckwheat flakes, quinoa flakes, buckwheat semolina, etc. And of course, the toppings are what make the difference. In my opinion, a porridge without a topping is like a body without a soul.

Anyway, back to the reality. I also tested some of the savory ideas that I had in my mind one that tasted amazing but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take a picture of was a stirfry with sweet potato, butternut squash, and sauerkraut: it was literally to die for! I feel closer to my country when I’m eating the food that is common there. Almost as if filling the holes inside of me. I do miss Estonia a lot and I’m sad that I hadn’t realized earlier how much my country means to me. I’m committed to supporting more of Estonian brands. And actually, the nutritional yeast that I bought from the organic store in the Leeds (which I’m obsessed) is produced in Estonia!

Other than that, I went to the gym every single day that I was in the school apart from one time when we had the trip to Leeds. The gym is my savior — there’s also nice and warm there. For some reason, Brits have this weird gene that makes them immune towards cold. Literally, it’s freezing outside, I’m shaking from cold and they don’t wear a coat. I would freeze to death without my coat and scarf. In class, one time when it’s nice and cozy, the teacher enters the room and opens all of the windows wide open! Or there is always this one person who constantly complains about it being too hot; making the teachers open the windows. Anyway, back to the gym, I have been posting red-faced selfies on the Instagram story after my runs (you can follow me on Instagram to see them). Joking about training for the Maze Runner Trials (so excited for the movie by the way). Training is an inseparable part of me and it is what keeps me sane; I think that without sport I would have already gone mad in this school.

Right before the holidays, we had to go to this tedious event in Manchester. It was the University Fair. There weren’t any universities that knocked me off my feet. Most of them were in places way too far from London. I have no intention to go to the university that is located in the middle of nowhere. So I was very bored. I facetimed with my mother, talked to my agent and scrolled on my phone. I also managed to complete all of my math prep. So I guess I used the time productively?

After the event, we had only a day left until the holidays. Fortunately, it went fast and finally, the day of my departure arrived! Estonia here I come, my dear and beloved!

Guys, I’m so happy that I managed to write this blog quite quickly as I do have three more blog posts waiting to be written. So be sure to be ready for them. Hopefully, they will be up in no time.


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