Plant-Based in Estonia // Vegan Inspiratsioon

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about this wonderful restaurant in Tallinn called Vegan Inspiratsioon and also discuss a bit about healthy plant-based diet. The reason why I wanted to write about this restaurant is that I loved it, and I like supporting vegan and healthy food places. I prefer using term “plant-based” instead of vegan because not all vegan food is healthy for you. So if you go vegan it doesn’t automatically make your diet healthy. There is a variety of different form/approaches to veganism. There are those who are vegan just for the sake of animals (which is totally cool) but there are also vegans who are vegan for the sake of their health (and animals). But I’m not going to go any further with this if you want to know more you can just search it up on the internet. I find It important to show my participation in widening this beautiful vegan community. I think that this restaurant was a lovely place for everyone (vegan or non-vegan).


Unfortunately, I do not live in Tallinn, so I can’t go there often. I have only been there one time and this was after I had arrived in Estonia. I found this place using HappyCow app which I recommend everyone who is vegan or interested in healthy food to download. It allows you to search up cool places like this and organic food stores (I found the organic food store from my last blog using this app). It’s not a free app but it’s totally worth buying — it eliminates the struggle of finding vegan/vegetarian/healthy restaurants, cafes, and stores. It’s so handy when I have a shopping trip to somewhere, I can search these places using HappyCow and plan my day out.

I love how Estonia’s approach to veganism and healthy food options is growing. There are so many more products available in the stores for vegans and health enthusiasts. Every time I return to Estonia, there are more options available, for instance in Tartu, a new organic market was opened in Aparaaditehas. In Estonia it’s called “Mahemarket,” they had lots of interesting products. So if you happen to be in Tartu, go and check it out.

Alright but coming back to the Restaurant, as I said the restaurant is perfect for everyone. I went there with my parents and they approved it (they don’t have a special diet but they try to make it more plant-based).


Already the decor of the place was so beautiful! It was simple but there was something about it that that made it feel special. I’m not a specialist when it comes to decor, even though I’m trying to learn, I found that the style was trendy but still had an Estonian/Nordic vibe to it. I have been lately digging these types of designs. Before I was all about Asian decor but now I love the Nordic style. I have bought so many home stuff that is designed by Estonian designers. I would describe The Nordic style as homely with a rustic twist. So I definitely liked the design of the place and the vibe that it had.


At the back of the cafe, they had a counter with vegan desserts and they also sold works of local artists (calendar, cards). There were also leaflets with information about why vegans don’t consume dairy. I have been highly against dairy. I have heard awful a lot about the cruelty that’s going on in dairy productions. Never been a cheese kind of person anyway and hey, who needs cheddar if there is nutritional yeast!

The menu decent amount of options. I loved was that they marked whether the food has sugar in it. They also marked if it was raw or had any gluten. I love when restaurants mark all of the diet requirements in their menu. But I was so pleased to see that they had even marked sugar. One thing you should know about me — I HATE REFINED SUGAR. I can’t understand why it even exists, there are so many natural sweeteners: bananas, dates, maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc. It was so satisfying to see that they took the effort to mark the food that had sugar in it.

All of the dishes were quite trendy but still, they had the Estonian twist in them (I talked a bit about it on my Instagram post). From my last blog and in general I have been bragging about my patriotic attitude towards my country, so it was nice to come back to Estonia and have food that had Estonian vibes to it. The starter platter had gluten-free slices of bread, falafels and lots of different condiments. I loved that they had Traditional Estonian Potato salat — brought me back to childhood. There were various hummuses to try and definitely worth getting. We shared the platter, I forgot to take a picture before we started eating so that’s why it’s not that pretty.

For the main course, I got Inspa bowl of goodness, and OMG was it delicious! The sweet potato (which is one of the favorite foods on earth) was amazing with the condiments and everything — just amazing. I have to find a recipe for the egg salad and potato salad —  I really enjoyed them. So the inspa bowl had some stuff that the platter also had but I wasn’t complaining. My mother got the Traditional Estonian Potato Salad, even though she wanted to have the risotto that they had on their webpage but they didn’t offer it anymore; which means that they are constantly bringing up new dishes in the menu. I love when restaurants update their menu often — keeps things spiced up and versatile. My father got the veggie lasagne with cashew ricotta and red wine sauce.

The drink menu had also a lot of interesting options. I got some Estonian organic tea because I’m obsessed with teas and they had a lot of them, plus it was freezing outside. There were other interesting options for drinks — such as smoothies, cacaos, chai, etc.

The desserts options were fantastic. I love a place that I CAN have an interesting healthy treat. They had raw cakes, tiramisu, ice cream and some of their daily options. Because the Shrove Tuesday was approaching, they had these traditional buns with whipped cream (Semla) that we eat on this day, only they were vegan! I’m not that keen about these types of deserts. So I got a banana choc raw cake (completely sugar-free, obviously raw). I split it with my father and he loved it. The cake was truly heavenly.

Before we left we took some of the treats with us to munch on later during the week. My father saw a man come in and buy come of the buns and he had to get them; just he was affected by the fact that the man came only for these buns. So he got the leftover buns, “Kirju koer” which is another very traditional treat in Estonia (trans. colorful dog), and few of the raw cakes that they had. I got three raw cakes: the blueberry “cheese “cake peanut butter raspberry, and the last one of the banana choc (my father actually wanted this one but I got my hands on it faster). Now that we had tried all of the raw cakes, we came to the conclusion that this one was the best one of them.

After driving back to Tartu, we went to few organic markets in Tallinn (used HappyCow to find them). As I needed to buy some stuff while I’m here and for going back to England. I had an amazing evening accompanied by my parents, thanks for the vegan insporatsioon, I had a warm welcome back to my beloved country. I’m glad to be back, even if the time here isn’t very long.



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