Why I Don’t Eat Meat: Singapore and Langkawi Trip

Hi lads!

It’s been a while since I last wrote something — it even feels kind of strange… On my Instagram story, I promised to try to write a blog post: I just feel like all of these numerous posts are piling up in my mind and it makes me so frustrated that I never have time to sit down and actually write them. So I decided to take this evening off to write a bit. I have been studying like crazy! The exams are just around the corner and I feel like there’s so much more for me to get inside of my head beforehand. I really pray to Lord that I manage to do it somehow.

Anyways, let’s crack on to the topic. Actually I would have prefered writing a bit about my time in school and at home but because I don’t have loads of time to do that, I will probably write it later as I don’t want this blog about my trip to slip away too far — I still want to have it semi-fresh in my mind.

So yeah, the last holiday I went to Singapore and Langkawi. It was kind of a gift from my parents for my birthday. I just love traveling so so much and I could be more thankful for that.

After I arrived in Estonia, of course after my flight we went to my favorite vegan restaurant Inspiratsioon (you can read a review about it on my other blog). I had few days before we the flight to Malaysia — I managed to pack up quite fast. We had to stay a night in Changi’s Airport (in Singapore). We stayed at the hotel there: Singapore’s airport is just amazing! So gorgeous! I just wish that there were more vegan options… We ate in the hotel’s buffet. It was actually quite nice! There was Japanese sweet potato aka purple sweet potato — sweet potato is one of my all-time favorite foods! I have never tried a purple one (even though I have seen it on my social media). In Estonia, they don’t sell it, therefore, I didn’t have a chance to lay my hands on it.

Following morning, we had a flight to Langkawi, an island in Malaysia. The sight was stunning. We arrived at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon — and as you all probably already know me — I went to the gym. It felt so amazing (especially after a flight)! My parents were at the beach meanwhile.

I actually LOVE working out very early in the morning. I wake up at 5:45 and smash my workout and afterward I have a whole day to spend with my family, discovering the beauties of the island.

I worked out every single day and to get the maximum out of my workout I used Tropeaka‘s new product: Tone BCAA+. I had such a refreshing taste and I really felt more energized during my workouts. I drank it as I did my workout and after the workout, I had my all times favorite: Lean Vanilla Protein. I highly recommend checking out their range of products. They are AMAZING!

Moving back to the trip, we didn’t waste much time as we had set all the activities for our stay in Langkawi. First of all, we went to the fruit farm where we got to experience insightful guided tour. The guide was a local and very passionate about the fruits. It definitely wasn’t boring. He was a very jolly person.

Right afterward, we went to the Wildlife park where we got to feed the animals and pet them. I think that was actually the highlight of the trip for me. I love animals so much — that’s also the main reason why I don’t eat meat. I don’t find it ethically right to do that. Nowadays, there a so much amazing vegan food available (especially in European countries). To be honest I did struggle to find food that met my dietary requirements. I always prefer sticking to the vegan food but because I’m very cautious about the food that I eat I do eat fish and eggs (only free-range). Keep that in mind that not all vegan food is necessarily healthy for you. French fries are vegan but they are certainly not beneficial for health.

In Langkawi, I was appalled about how the local’s diet has been influenced by the major food companies. They have got so many amazing local produce, however, the stores were full of artificial junk food. I was hoping that there would be sweet potatoes available in restaurants but guess what — no there weren’t! So I was living off the fruit and veggies that we bought from the local store.

I feel so sad that people are not thinking about the environment: of course the island was astonishing, however, the amount of waste was disgusting. I really wish that people were more aware of the negative impact that they are causing to the earth.

Alright, but moving back to the wildlife park… The animals there weren’t in cages and had plenty of freedom. They were taken care with love — the girl who was taking care of the rabbits and other small rodents, she had this look in her eyes… It was clear that she loved her job and the animals. She made me so happy.

I got to hold a white hedgehog! Finally! After Marzia got Doggy I was looking forward to the opportunity. I think that I hadn’t been so happy for so long time. I kind of envy the girl there, I would love to be around animals all day long. I actually wanted to work for Animal Shelter in Tartu, however, it is very difficult for me to do as I’m already so busy with various tasks. We spent quite a long time in the park. My parents were so glad to see me so happy — so joyful and full of life. They told me that my face was literally glowing.

To be honest with you, the life here isn’t anything that I expected it to be. I mean I’m still happy that I get to study in England but the accommodation sucks the life out of me. I skype with my mother a lot… Literally like three times a day (if not more). I hadn’t managed to make friends that are as close to me as my friends in Estonia. It might be the cultural difference but yeah. Even my granny, whom I often call, saw that I was so stressed out here. Wildlife park breathed life into me. Being able to be so close to the animals made me let go of all the pre-exam stress (however, right now, I feel it slowly sneaking back…).

Experiences such as this really open your eyes. Do you really want to eat this adorable creature? I care about my health a lot and I thrive on healthy vegan food — it has completely changed my life. Not only are you saving the lives of these precious animals but you are also helping to sustain the environment. Right now, even though I might not show it, I feel squeamish even being around meat. I find it so unnecessary — there a so many amazing vegan options! I just can’t imagine eating animals and sometimes I feel sick thinking back to the times that I used to consume meat and dairy.

I’m definitely not that person who will shout you in the face if you consume non-vegan food but I do not see it as a correct way of living but that is just my opinion. Not only from the health and the slaughtering perspective but taken into the account today’s environment: global warming and all the harmful waste being produced.

Alright, I could chat about it literally forever but I must return to my trip as I have got quite a lot more to cover. So after that, we went to the city center to see the big eagle.


The next day we had booked a jungle trekking in the evening. I love hiking and being active, however, most of the trip was in the car. We did see some of the wild nature: toucans, monkeys (plenty of them), wild dogs, lizards, and at the end as a highlight the flying lemurs. Our tour guides were two very passionate young people — a couple. They adored nature: especially the man. I enjoyed the tour and again it was another lovely experience for us: bonding with the mother nature. Again, It was nice to see this lovely couple being so passionate about the animals.

The last tour that we participated in was the local life tour guided by super jovial man. I think I have never seen such a jolly person. He was so positive and energetic! We got to see the local life and go where other tourists didn’t go. I gained a lot of knowledge about local remedies and the gifts that nature offered. It was very insightful and amazing.

I think that my favorite part of the tour was a trip to the Coconut oil farm. If you know me you know that I’m obsessed with coconuts. The lady there — everyone calls her “Mama” and she produces cold-pressed coconut oil. It was so fascinating to hear about the process of how the coconut oil is produced. Mama is a very warm-hearted person and I was glad that I got to meet her. We bought quite a lot of the coconut oil and some of the soaps that she sold. The one that I have been using and loving is the cinnamon soap; I use it for my face. It makes my skin feel so soft! All of her products are organic and handmade. Lately, I have been switching my skincare products for the organic ones. Even though I still have some products that are not organic but I can’t give up — such as Chanel’s Hydra Beauty collection! (Check out the blog post where I talked a bit about some of the items in the collection)

The only part of the Local life tour I didn’t enjoy was the restaurant that the guide took us. It was his favorite restaurant but just not my taste… I ordered a fish and because I asked to just steam it as I didn’t want it to be made with any sugary or high in fat or sodium. It was bony as well and I didn’t eat almost any of it. However, I still really enjoyed the tour and it was a super unique experience for my parents and for myself. But next time I think I will stick to my raw almonds…

I walked quite a lot in Langkawi while my parents were sunbathing. I hate lazy kind of vacations… I mean, of course, I’m not saying that you must stay on your feet all day but I just can’t lay on one place more than 30 minutes (especially during the vacation). We visited some nice restaurants — not really my style but I managed to survive.

After the Langkawi, we flew back to Singapore, where we had few days to spend shopping. We stayed in Marina Bay Sands — gorgeous view, amazing hotel and a shopping center. I enjoyed the time with my family so much. Of course, I visited the Victoria’s Secret (surprise!). I also treated myself — yeah I cut my hair! It was actually very expensive hairdresser’s visit… But I think that it was so worth it at least once to treat yourself. The time there shopping went very fast and as with a blink of an eye: my vacay was over… The weight of all the duties was back on my shoulders. I really didn’t want to return…

However beforehand, I got to see Marily (my best friend), I wish I could have seen my other best friend as well (Triinu) but I just happened to be in Marily’s neighborhood: so we just stopped by to give her the presents (as she had a birthday). I also gave her stuff that I bought for Triinu, so she could hand them to her. I spent a decent amount of these last days playing with my cat — oh, I just miss my little furball…

That’s how my Easter holidays went… I know that Easter was like ages ago but I just didn’t have any time to write. I’m so so sorry. Note that I started writing this post quite a while ago — so the beginning might not be accurate as right now my exams are actually at the end… I have another blog ready which I can hopefully upload soon.


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