Running Away From The Exams…

Hi lads!

Before I start — am I the only one who feels like the society lacks trust towards people. Ugh, to be honest, I appreciate when I’m given freedom to plan my own life. Where I’m trying to get with this is that school just… I mean I’m all about the knowledge and getting smarter but I often get a feeling that what school is trying to interrupt my future plans. Nowadays, the society values education so much and without it, it’s almost impossible to accomplish something even if actually have already so much to offer to society without the diploma or certificate. In a way, I can agree with it also as people have a proof that they know what they are talking about but I think that it shouldn’t determine a person. For instance, if you are really bad at Math (“coughing sound”) it doesn’t mean that you are dumb or something. Yeah, let’s get it straight now I HATE math.

Before I started studying abroad I was actually quite good at it — I got most of the time the highest grades: shorty said I was quite good at Maths. However, In England, the Math is just HORRIBLE or to be honest with you the Higher Tier. The Foundation Paper is actually fine (it contains NORMAL questions; UNDERSTANDABLE questions). I saw my roommate’s past papers and I literally burst in the laugh; I’m struggling here trying to find some logical explanation to their absurd questions while she gets to chill out with the questions that are so easy. Our Math teacher for some reason decided for us that we all have to take Higher Tier. The only issue with the Foundation Paper is that the maximum grade you can get out of 9 is 5 which means that the there is not much room for mistakes. Still, I would prefer this paper instead of the Higher one which makes me feel so dumb-folded.

I don’t want this blog post to be only about Math. Quite a lot had occurred. I’m not able to write a lot right now due to the exams and a lot of studying. Hopefully, this blog post will be still up. Guys, I have been really into ordering lately; I have ordered a lot of sports clothes (obviously), Sarah’s protein balls (I’m just in LOVE with them), and just random stuff. Actually, quite a while ago something horrible happened… I broke a mug… Not just a random one but it was a gift from my best friend… I cried so bad — I know it’s silly to cry over a mug but it reminded me of her and I really miss her… Marily if you are reading this, then I’m so sorry. Anyways, because I have a slight tea obsession I had to get another one. I ordered two ones from Amazon. The adorable pink glass cat mug and a fitness related mug.


Another horrible thing happened, our school’s awful accommodation took away my BLENDER! I was so furious because I’m all about smoothies and smoothie bowls as you probably already know from my Instagram stories. Apparently, the plug was dangerous. I literally had this blender there ever since I arrived and at the end of the year they wake up: “Oh! This plug isn’t safe!” Anyway, I had to order a new one — so I got myself my lovely Nutribullet. And guys, it’s so good! In a way, I’m even happy that they did take it away…


So before, I mentioned the exams. I don’t think that it is right to let exams dominate your life. Yes, you will definitely have to sacrifice more time towards revision and stuff, but in a day, you must have your own time, the ESCAPE. My escape is obviously working out. I just can’t come straight from school and continue studying: my head would explode! So yeah, I dedicate these few hours after school to work out. Fitness is my passion and I won’t let the exams make me give up my passion. I also feel that then I workout and study after my workout my head is able to process the revision material better.

As I have mentioned, probably over 200 times that I hate my school’s accommodation — the gym and the track is my escape from it. I literally would rather live in the gym where the house tutors don’t roam around and treat you like children gardeners. There is no need to come into my room every single morning to make sure that I’m up if their sinister alarm has already almost given me a heart attack. I never sleep in anyways neither does my roommate.

Okay, guys, I don’t think that I have talked about this topic actually but the Russian girl left me. She moved in with her friend. Guess I freaked her out… Probably, not but she just got along better with the other girl — can’t blame her. However, she promised that she won’t leave me. I see why she left, we are actually completely different people and the cultural difference also got on the way. I didn’t get her jokes and I wasn’t familiar with her Russian TV shows and stuff that bounds people. So for instance, she would make a joke and laugh and expect me to laugh but it’s really hard for me to fake laugh — so there’s this awkward situation between us

I got to live by myself for a very long time — more than a month surely. I even thought that I would be left alone until the end of the school but however, they had to put someone in my room… I refused to move as I had already been under a lot of stress because of my first roommate. I also think that this event had really turned me off — I was determined to make friends but after that, I started to doubt everyone. I know it’s wrong but the stuff that happened just wasn’t normal.

Okay, I’m already nervous here talking about that so I’m going to cut it short here — I told them that I do not want to move my stuff to another room. Fortunately, they were fine with it. After like what felt like forever of me being nervous about the person they will put into my room, they told me that they will put one British girl with me. Okay…I’m not exaggeration right now but I haven’t felt so happy in the school ever. She’s just amazing! We have a lot of in common — like our obsession towards Twilight (yeah still, this bit of me is still there), potatoes (in particularly sweet potatoes) and conspiracy theories. Oh, and Hannah Montana! She just understands my weird sense of humor and my weird habits. We have laughed so much and I feel so comfortable around her. And because she doesn’t live too far from school, like few hours or so, she can bring me some groceries, such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, spinach, and avocados. Love you, Lucy. Even though I feel a bit bad for using her but she understands that I’m not allowed to go to the store to buy these things and in school, they don’t offer those things or not as often as I want them. Also, the exams don’t let me go on a shopping trip. Fortunately, I’m able to order stuff that is not fresh through this awesome website called Nature’s Healthbox. So I can order stuff like sauerkraut, Loving’s earth chocolate, nut butter and other stuff. They also have a lot of skincare, food supplements, natural medicine and so on.


Alright but other than that once my favorite house tutor planned a tiny trip to Farmer’s shop near our school to buy some food and to just have a nice walk; see animals and stuff. I loved it — I just loved the feeling of finally escaping the school even for a short time.


Going to have to wrap up this blog post, otherwise, it will be too long and I won’t be able to upload it in time. Going to continue cramming my revision. Hopefully, I will find my inner Math geek to at least pass the exam. Wish me luck guys! Definitely, will write a blog post particularly dedicated to the exams and maybe share few tips and tricks to stay consistent with the revision. Make sure to let me know down in the comments what are the subjects that you are finding the most trouble with. And everyone has their GCSE’s, A-levels or whatever exams you’re doing — Best of luck!

Alright again guys, you can probably tell that I wrote this blog post before the GCSE’s — now I have finished most of my exams. I have only Russian exams left so I have plenty of time to spend on my blog, reading and stuff that I like to do. Hopefully, I will be able to write another blog post soon.


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