The Scent of Precious​ Freedom

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to have my free time back again — probably for not too long though. This blog post again, I have decided to dedicate to my life. Quite a lot of them actually but well right now there is so much just going on in my life and I love sharing my life with you. I have some other blog posts in my mind to write but right now let’s concentrate on this one.

Actually, lately, I have felt the quality of my blog writing has been lacking. Probably due to the studies and my mind constantly being preoccupied with everything else other than quality-blog-writing. Hopefully, now I can engage myself more in my writing. Of course, if this stupid internet would allow me to (literally guys I have been trying to write this one sentence for at least 10 times. Ugh, can’t wait to get OUT of here.

Okay, let’s get to the interesting part — so this summer won’t probably be much of a vacation for me. Well, it also depends on what you see as a vacation. I love being productive therefore I enjoy spending my holidays doing the job that I love — modeling.

Yeah, I will be working during my summer break. My amazing agency planned a work trip for me right after school – on 19th of June, I will be leaving for London. Not a long journey, however, I feel that it’s a great opportunity for me to already ease into leaving in London as the next school year (A-levels) I will be studying there. If you already do not know when I’m changing schools. There a couple of reasons why I’m switching schools but I won’t get too deep down into the details as I’m planning to tackle on few other topics as well in this blog post.

The agency that I will be working for is called the Body London. Before Body London offered me a place in their agency, I was supposed to travel to Milano and work for another agency. However, my agency thought that this opportunity is better for me as in summer Milano is very saturated with models.

Ah, I’m so excited! I can’t believe that there is less than a week before I leave this place! Can’t wait to escape! My parents will fly to England to pick me up and take my school luggage and switch it up to the suitcases that I packed before I came back from the break.
Okay, so let’s go just a little bit back in time… So in one of my recent blog posts about my trip to Indonesia, I had to go back to school. Where I had to spend 8 weeks – oh it was so exhausting. When I got back I had my first exam — the fitness instructor examination — I passed! Yeah, I think you all probably already know that through my Facebook and Instagram. I’m proud that I managed to pass that because it certainly wasn’t easy, especially if you have other exams just around the corner. It is really rewarding to be certified as a fitness instructor as it is such a big passion of mine. I just love helping people to increase their quality of life and I will definitely in future engage my life with it. Having the opportunity to already get this certification is just amazing!

After that exam, I had other ones as well — quite stressful time, full of revision and sleeplessness. I can’t even tell you how many times I fell asleep in lessons — especially Math. I just couldn’t help it — Math just gets me so drowsy. I think from the fitness aspect, the hardest part for me to get right is the sleeping part. I try hard to stick to a healthy sleeping pattern, however, I struggle with it quite a lot. The holidays were in the middle of the exams. We were supposed to use that time to revise and stuff. Okay, I did do some revision… some. I had three appointments with various doctors, I had to leave the capital city to meet my agency, visit granny and the time just flew…

I also used the time to cook a lot of course. Finally, I had the kitchen all to myself without anyone (apart from my parents) roaming around. Made tons of smoothie bowls, porridges, banana bread, quinoa, sweet potatoes and zoodles (zucchini noodles). Used a lot of recipe books that I had bought and recipes on my phone apps — I just love trying out new recipes!

When I arrived we visited a Vegan restaurant in Tallinn. I really enjoyed it.
Finally, the time had arrived to have some quality food! I also bought another vegan cookbook written by the head chef of the restaurant “Celebrations with Vegan Foods.” After that, we went to the store and bought some FRESH berries, fruit, and veggies. OMG, the sweet cherries! I just love me some sweet cherries!

My mother’s garden was blooming as well — with fresh greens, onions, paprika and even few strawberries inside of the greenhouse. The weather was perfect; I went for a run every single morning, (of course) how couldn’t you? With such an amazing weather! I bought a new pair of headphones from the airport — they are wireless ones and pink from Sony. I really love them.

I received a lot of packages as well that I had ordered. Of course my lovely Tropeaka powders along with their signature coconut bowl, wooden spoon and metal straws. I love being environmentally friendly and I do like supporting company that pays attention to sustaining the environment. Other than that I received my new workout clothes. One package was from Blogilates (Popflex) — their yoga mats are everything! I ordered a new yoga mat from them as well as some workout clothes. They are so gorgeous!

Another package with sports clothes was from this Swedish company called Stronger which I found through Rebecca and decided to give them a go as they looked so pretty and unique. I hadn’t worn any of the clothes from Popflex nor from Stronger as I had them packed up for my leave for London so I would have exciting new workout clothes to try out. The mat I packed as well for London — I always bring my own mat or at least I prefer my own. Mostly the mats in the gym don’t meet my standards (lol I know, I’m such a princess). But yeah once you go Blogilates, you don’t go back.


The last package that I got was my subscription box from Marzia. I will definitely as always write a review about it — hopefully soon. So look forward to that!


The day before I left, I went to the theatre with my family to see “The Sweeny Todd.” It is a story about the barber who cut the throat of his customers, and the customers were made into meat pies for the people to eat. Sounds great, right? Thank god I don’t eat meat (#veganlife). My mother actually couldn’t bring herself to eat sausage for quite long after that. She actually came into my room that evening and I was sleeping, and she was like: “How come you sleep after that?” I really enjoyed the piece as I’m a huge fan of horror movies and it was performed very well.

The next day, I had to leave again. It was so hard! Well, it has always been. I didn’t even have any time to meet my friends! The life is just so busy. When I arrived I had my exams pretty much right away. I managed to somehow stumble over them so yeah — now I’m in this moment with just my Russian exams left and quite a lot of spare time. I would go to York but it is just so much work to get the permission to leave and in just a few days I will be in London anyway so I decided to not bother my head with that and just use the time for myself, blogging and reading.

That’s pretty much it guys! Hopefully, you enjoyed this little update of my life and I’m quite certain that there will be soon another blog post up (trying to make up for the humongous gaps in between). Enjoy your summer and be active but still rest and good luck to those who still have some more exams left!


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