True Life of A Fashion Model

Hi, everybody!

Before I start rambling about my experience in London. I just wanted to thank everyone who is currently reading my blog — doesn’t matter if you are just a random visitor or someone who has been reading my blog posts for a while now. I love writing and I love the opportunity that I have to write and share my life with you. In my last post where I reviewed Marzia’s subscription box, I said that I’m trying to be as honest as possible. Alright, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING because well in some cases I’m not just allowed. For instance, I can’t tell you the names of my clients or that sort of stuff. Anyway, enough of that — let’s crack on the actual topic!

To be honest with you guys, I somewhat felt that these few days in the school carried on forever! But yet again I feel that the time had passed on so quickly now that I’m at home writing this. The last week or so there, I basically spent working out, walking, listening to podcasts, reading and updating my blog. I had a week gap between my exams. My last exam was Russian and it was on the 19th of June. I listened to the Health Code podcast and I just loved it! Sarah and Kurt made me feel so happy — so I caught up with all the podcasts that they had made while I was intensely revising for my exams. I felt very sad once I had listened to every single one of the podcasts but then I managed to find another one that I really liked the Sheroic podcast. So I continued my walks with my headphones on, listening to the poddies.


Right after the exam, my parents came with my suitcases for the modeling in London that I packed before coming to the school. We traveled by train to the London and stayed for a night in the lovely hotel. The following day I woke up super early to get my workout in for the day and then move to my modeling accommodation. Right after I have had a breakfast with my parents in the hotel’s breakfast buffet, I got a call that I must go for a casting and I had some more places to be. I didn’t expect any gigs on the day of my arrival as I was told so by my mother agency.

I fast got to the accommodation to drop off my luggage — I was given a book and then I had some time to change. Ugh… so about the room… It was a mess! I’m a little bit of clean freak so this sight what I saw… Nah that was just nasty. So literally what I did I cleaned up the whole room. I just couldn’t stand the mess! Apparently, the girl that was supposed to leave today hadn’t packed her stuff yet. After that, I got changed and did the gigs for the day. I made myself the oyster card but I tried to walk more — only rode with the metro if the destination was too far or I had no time to walk.

The first day of work went quite nicely. After the work, in the evening I met up with my parents and we had a dinner in Deliciously Ella’s Deli. By the way, the place was just AMAZING! Ella is an incredible cook and my biggest cooking inspiration. I own all of her cookbooks and an app. Now I actually feel guilty that I haven’t mentioned her in my blog as much I should but yeah, I should probably talk about her more in some other blog post.

I had a wonderful dinner and I also bought some of her lovely banana bread with me (I just couldn’t resist). We also went to the Whole Foods to get some groceries for me (loads of fresh fruit and veggies!). Unfortunately, after that in the metro that was the last time I was together with my parents. The next day was just too busy! If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to meet them the next day I probably had hugged them for longer and a bit tighter.

I ran outside the next day and after the brekkie that I made in the kitchen, I was off to the agency. I had some trouble with understanding the tube system but once I got used to it, I realized that it wasn’t as complicated as it seemed at first. After the work, I had some spare time and I hit the town. Bought some stuff that I forgot to bring and went for a lunch in this lovely place called Natural Kitchen. I found it through Caroline Deisler’s blog post about healthy places in London — definitely go and check it out there are some very good suggestions!

I wondered around Picadilly Square and just had fun walking — taking in the environment and the rambling of the human mass. Oh, and I also took a picture with Pikachu! Because why not? He looked so damn lonely! I also couldn’t resist not visiting Victoria’s Secret — so I did! I needed nude undergarments anyways. Walking past all of those fancy boutiques, I loved how modern the shops looked with an English twist!

Actually, quite at the beginning, I found a gym nearby my accommodation — so I became a member it’s called PureGym and it was so conveniently near me (it took me few minutes to walk there). The Gym that the models could go to I didn’t find particularly convenient as it was quite far away from accommodation and it was open from 9 to 4.30 and if you have been reading my blogs for a while now then you know how much I love working out in the early mornings. The PureGym was open 24/7 — not that I would go to a gym at midnight or anything (I love training but I’m not that crazy). So if my work was too early I would go for a run in the morning and to the gym to tone my muscles in the evening after work.

I hadn’t run on the treadmill for a while and I was kind of avoiding it for some reason but once I had more time in the morning I decided to run on the treadmill instead to have my workout done at one go and I just loved it! I don’t know but I was so feeling myself. I love running but sometimes I find třeadmill a bit boring. I don’t know if that was the new environment; me being happy over my current life situation or just pure change in me.

I had a test shoot one day near this gorgeous beach. At first, I couldn’t find the crew because there was a little miscommunication between us but after an hour of searching, I found them. We got on with the makeup and everything went on smooth. I loved the theme of the shoot — it was a country style shoot and if you know me I’m all about that country life. Actually, my favorite genre of music is country. The crew was so friendly and nice — we all got along well and I’m glad for the opportunity to meet new people.

After this test shoot, I had a couple of days off. I actually had an urge to work because I felt that I just arrived plus sometimes my thoughts ought to drift on bitter topics such as how I miss my home — my family, my friends, my pets…

I tried to occupy myself with different activities. First of all, I decided to visit London’s zoo as I love animals and I missed a more rural environment. I enjoyed the zoo a lot — as always my favorite part was the probably for everyone else the most boring one: the farm animals. I just have a thing for country site animals — rabbits, goats, cows. And yeah, I was alone in the zoo. My roommate wanted to join me however, our daily schedules were so different! If I would wake up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym — she would get up only at like 12 or 1 o’clock.

The following day I went to a modern art museum called Tate. I actually love art galleries so I thought that this experience would suit me well. There were a lot of cool exhibitions and in the end, I was very glad that I went. I recommend everyone who is interested in modern art to visit it — definitely worthy of your time!

On Monday, I had to go to the agency in the morning but later I had all day off again. This time I decided to go to the park — I particularly wanted to visit the Kyoto Park that was Japanese styled park. I pondered around there for a while and eased in the beauty of it. The Kyoto park was within the Holland Park. So I decided that whilst I was there and I had the day free that I would walk through the whole park.

Nearby was another museum — The Design Museum. I visited it and there were free exhibitions as well as two paid ones. I walked through the free exhibitions and after decided to visit one of the ones that you had to pay to get in as I had developed interest towards it.

The exhibition was fashion related — there was work of a famous fashion designer called Azzedine Alaia. To be honest with you I didn’t know him before the exhibition. I might have seen some of his work before as Naomi Campbell was one of his favorite models for his work. On the exhibition you had a chance to watch a short film about him if you wanted — I did and I learned so much about him. The aspect that really fascinated me about him was that he was so stubborn about completing his ideas and he would never give up. For instance, he would develop this idea in his head, however, it wouldn’t come together as he had expected — other designers would have stopped in about a week but Alaia would continue until he had a perfect piece of clothing. Some of his designs would be 5 years in developing phase just because he was completely satisfied with them! Such an amazing man! I really suggest watching the short movie about him (it lasts about 25 minutes). I think that it should be available on the internet. Overall, I just loved the exhibition — these kinds of people inspire me and motivate me to stay consistent with my set goals.

I was happy. I was actually really happy. I haven’t been so satisfied with my life situation for a while. I had freedom, I had super routine and I did a job that I truly loved. I know that modeling isn’t a happy rainbow land all the time. It is actually full of lies, sham, and gossip. I haven’t talked a lot about my roommate. So she had been modeling for 8 years already (she’s 24) and she had met so many famous models and celebrities, in like 10 minutes of talking she managed to get me from admiring some of the celebrities to really doubting and being in shock with all of the lies. I’m not a person who takes all the gossip 100% seriously but I think that being honest with your fans and audience is important as there are people who are so self-conscious with their looks and seeing their role model looking like that and saying the things that yeah might be true but aren’t completely honest with them, I think that isn’t right. So for instance, if I would do a plastic surgery, I wouldn’t hide it or try to mask it. I think that it isn’t anything to feel ashamed of and if it makes you feel better and happier than you were before, I have anything against it and  I would support the person’s decision and overall, it is their life and they should have the freedom to choose what they do with their body. If it makes you happy of course increase your cup size or make your lips plumper or have a nose job but don’t lie that you just magically trained and ate in a certain way and got boobs out of nowhere.

Of course, there are topics that people don’t want to reveal to the public — everyone has them! You don’t have to speak publically to the audience about a breakup or a medical problem or anything else but just don’t talk about it then — don’t lie. Lying about lifestyle or appearance can affect people a lot and they might feel bad that their lips won’t plump up by using this product or they won’t lose weight by eating like this celebrity or drinking skinny tea. All I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to become like one of those models. I want to be always honest — I love modeling and I really hope that I would succeed in it and continue working as a model in the future. Model’s life is hard with all the last minute changes, long shoots, wandering around and everything else but I’m up for a challenge and I think that life has to be hard sometimes, just like this infamous quote says:

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”

Alright, but I think that I had dug deep enough with this topic. So I got along very well with my roommate, apart from our time schedules being completely different but we managed to make it work and I really liked her.

So the next day I also found out that it was free which I did find a bit suspicious but I didn’t let it get into my head. I decided to visit this haunted house type of a tourist attraction called The London Bridge Experience. It was great, however, not as scary as I participated but actually, these British teenage girls ruined it a bit. During the scariest part of the tour, you could choose to drop out. So a lot of people dropped out and a lot from the pack of the girls as well but these two that went… kind of ruined it a bit. So when we went through the scary place we had to hold on to each other’s shoulders and move together like a train. Whilst I was walking calmly and well the jump scares didn’t affect me, these girls started rushing and I had no time to look around and appreciate the spooky environment and the details. They ran and dragged everyone along — so the scary part ended so fast. It was supposed to last like 20 minutes but instead, it was like roughly maybe 5-10 minutes. However, I didn’t let them drag my mood down so I stayed positive and I still liked it apart from the scary part being too rushed.

After I had left I checked my emails in case my agency had sent me anything. There was indeed an email but it was from my mother agency. I found out that on Friday I would fly back to Estonia as right now there aren’t a lot of jobs in London. I had a waft of emotions running through me. I went for a walk to digest everything I was told in the email and afterward, I called my mother to let her know. And just as if with a blink of an eye I was back in Estonia. To be honest with you then I wasn’t sad that my work trip ended up so short — I was happy to be back with my parents, get to see my friends, my pets and be at home. I love my home and I will never abandon the place where I was born. Now I’m enjoying my summer here. I know that I could get an email saying that I need to come back to London and I already have a fashion week to attend in Finland in like a week time. Also, I know once I return to London in autumn, I will have already a very important job to do for a week or so. Therefore, all I want to say is that I don’t let anything affect me and my goals. The life is full of opportunities and I think that everything is meant to happen for a reason. Just like this trip had to end short.

Alright, so this was a long blog post about my time in London. I really hope that you liked this post and please leave some feedback for me. I love answering questions and reading your suggestions. I will try to write a few more blog posts before I go to Finland but I won’t promise anything though. I tried to give you the widest insight on this topic as possible. I also hope that you like the changes that I made to my blog page, I think that it looks MUCH better this way. Anyways enjoy your summer and look forward to new blog posts hopefully up soon!


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