Back to Being on a Full Plant-based Diet? // Food Allergy Test

Hi everybody!

I hope that you are having an amazing summer. I had a completely different picture in my head of my summer. However, I’m not sad that my summer didn’t turn out the way I thought it would — I’m even happy that I’m at home right now spending this beautiful summer with my parents. I do love my job but a year away for the first time from my family was a new experience for me and actually very emotionally exhausting one. In my last post, I spoke about my time spent in London working — so if you are interested in that then I would suggest heading to this post first before reading this one as I might mention something from that post in here.


I returned to Estonia very late. This time I flew from London to Helsinki and then from Helsinki to Tartu, the journey was less tiring as there was no long car ride from Tallinn (capital city) to my hometown, Tartu. Once I had landed in Tartu I realized how happy I was. I love Estonia and I find that the Estonian summer is so gorgeous. I met my parents and finally I was at home. I went directly to sleep as it was super late.

I usually get up early, not as early as I do when I travel but at 7.30. This morning because I got to bed so late I did something that I almost never do — I decided to sleep in. I knew that if I would get up at 7.30 I would feel like a zombie in the afternoon and I wouldn’t feel as energized for my workout. I actually slept until like 11 or 12 o’clock which is insane for me but I just needed this rest. Once I had woken up I did super cleaning in the kitchen — I have this weird thing that I have to have everything super organized and pretty. Actually, it might not be as weird of a thing — there are definitely other people like that as well. But yeah, because my stay in London turned out a lot shorter than I anticipated I had to bring back things that I thought that I would use up whilst I was in London. Most of it was food and like half empty skincare and hygiene items.

I spent about four days cleaning, re-organizing, moving and experimenting with my room. Once I was happy with the end result I could continue normally to live my life. I did come home during the holidays but I didn’t have the time to really keep my room in a condition that I would feel the most comfortable with. So there were still things that I had brought back from the school to home and it didn’t place them right or it would lay on a counter somewhere. Now I’m just so pleased with the way that my room looks. I did a lot of decluttering and got rid of tons of stuff that I didn’t need. My inspiration for my interior decor comes mainly from Marzia Bisognin. She’s an amazing person and her unique style stands out to me and it fits my room so well.

I also cleaned out my bathroom space as well as the makeup drawers and the kitchen. I love helping my mother as much as possible. I keep the kitchen clean and look for the expired products in the kitchen. Actually, I find cleaning (especially organizing) super satisfying. So I do it with pleasure. I cleaned the kitchen big time. Now I feel great about my room and the kitchen. However, I do have some ideas for my room’s decor in the back of my mind… But I’m not sure if I will bother with that as summer — you think that you have loads of time but it goes by so fast. I bet that with a blink of an eye I’m already back in England…

Alright, but now I want to get to the main topic of this post which is about my diet. Past years I have been experimenting and switching things up. If you have been reading my posts for a while then you might be familiar with it — if not I would suggest going back to these posts where I tackle this topic. One of the most recent ones where I talked about why I do not eat meat — you can read to understand why I eat the way I do. At first, it was really hard for me to go plant-based as my parents didn’t consider it as a sufficient diet. So I was quite sneaky with it. I’m not particularly proud about some of the stuff I used to do but it’s a past now.

For instance, I didn’t eat at my Estonian school and I would bring my own lunches with me. My mother would usually pack me like a stir-fry with chicken most of the time or something along the lines. The thing was that I was actually feeling squeamish looking at meat (I do even now). So I picked out all of the chicken from my lunchbox and throw it away. So I would end up only eating the grains and veggies. I hate food waste and I still feel bad for doing that but at the same time, I knew that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the meat. I would just see the dead chicken in front of me. I even cried once when my mother made a salmon dish.

So the change that I’m making now — in the past I made few posts about bringing changes into my diet. I was trying to figure out where my body felt the most comfortable. For instance, I brought back eggs and stuff. However, since I went to the boarding school I mainly ate only plant-based food. I would occasionally have few eggs or a fish in a week. However, at the beginning of the year, I started having them even more rarely. I felt that my body was so much lighter and more energized with only plant-based food plus my digestion was also better and I wasn’t as bloated.

I actually went to the nutritionist because of the bloating. I was certain that I had some food allergy that was making my face look puffier and make my stomach always rumble and bloat. So I took this food allergy test (Cytolisa) and got the results back after a couple of weeks. I was quite surprised… Well, I was actually quite sad too because apparently, I’m allergic to peanuts. Not all nuts but peanuts and also hazelnuts. If you read have read my posts then you know that I love Natty’s peanut butter: it’s Estonian and super delicious. That was the end of my relationship with it though. I gave the remaining jars of it to my close family friends. I also had some of the Loving Earth’s chocolate that had hazelnuts in it and a jar of peanut butter. I gave the food to my close friends so it wouldn’t go to waste.

There were nearly 200 different foods in the test. I had many reactions towards meats. For instance, I’m highly allergic to pork, duck, and turkey. The intolerance towards eggs was moderate but still there and they were on the same straw as the hazelnuts. In addition to that, I had loads of low reactions towards varieties of different milk products. Baker’s yeast had a high reaction and other fungi had moderate to low. I actually enjoy eating mushrooms in particularly the chanterelle mushrooms and button mushrooms.

The grains — I had a moderate reaction to wheat. I usually do not eat any wheat products anyways. I did have a small stock of organic Japanese noodles from the time that I used to love Asian food. Yeah, now I rarely ever eat it — I’m all about Nordic food. Fortunately, my best friend Marily loves Japan so I figured that it would be perfect for her. Because I’m a big fan of paleo based meals my stocks of grains isn’t as big as it used to be. I still do have buckwheat and oats but usually, I love to have vegetables as my source of carbs.

Therefore after getting the results back, I thought that because my body already is basically saying no to a lot of stuff that is not plant-based or what I had doubted whether to include in my diet or not — so I thought that the best option for me is to go fully plant-based. Okay, hold up now. I’m not saying that it is only this test though that made me come to this decision… Before it, as I said from the not plant-based food I ate only seafood and eggs. I started again to get this weird feeling… I bought a wild salmon from WholeFoods when I was in London but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it — and I never did. I left the salmon in the freezer when I left the accommodation.

“My Body is Garden, not a Graveyard”

I realized that I shouldn’t do this to myself. That was the moment that I had decided that I would never eat anything that is not plant-based. I love animals and I love the idea that my body is a “garden”, not a “graveyard.” I know many people won’t agree with my ideas but I’m happy and that’s what matters. I do not need meat to satisfy me — it’s unnecessary to me. Especially now that there are so many vegan foods available. I know that with these changes, as I also excluded quite a lot of plant-based food ingredients as well, it will be hard for me to eat out, however, I never did like eating out. I love cooking myself so much more — like that I have full control over what goes into my meals.

Alright, I think that I managed to get my thoughts written out now. I could probably write a 100-page essay on it but I won’t because I still want to tell you some other stuff that I have been doing.

Yay, cooking! Yeah, I have been cooking and baking a lot. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably have already seen some of the meals that I have prepared. I have wanted to try out this Cauliflower pizza forever and oh, boy did it turn out AMAZING! Most of the recipes I get from Deliciously Ella who is such an incredible person and whom I have mentioned before on my blog and her name pops up quite a lot on Instagram too.

My favorite meal of the day is definitely breakfast and like 95% of the time, it is a porridge. There are just so many variations to it. I do make pancakes too time to time but I just feel that they are kind of like an oatmeal only like a patty version as the ingredients are quite similar. I would love to ramble on about my oatmeals and stuff but I’m not sure if everyone who is reading is willing to spend 15 minutes reading about the perfect consistency of the porridge but if you are curious about it then I could write a separate post about how I make my oatmeal (drop a comment). It is important to me that my breakfast fuels me as I do my workout in the morning. On my normal days I usually have breakfast before working out as my workouts are quite long but on vacation, I get up super early to workout so I would have fasted workout.

Other than that I also love going to the town with my parents. Even if it is a trip to the supermarket. I usually buy most of my groceries from the organic shop. I will buy from the supermarket only if the organic shop didn’t have what I needed. After I had come back and the second time that we went to my favorite organic shop — my parents bought me something that made me so happy. Okay, guys, I don’t think that I have told you but there are three foods that I’m addicted to — they are nut butter, sweet potato, and DATES!+flXuqNEQP2eEHgsmMvtig In particularly the medjoul dates. I just love them! They are so satisfyingly tasty! And my parents bought me a whole box of these fresh medjoul dates. So little to make a girl happy…

I also got myself something super handy. I love making zoodles (zucchini noodles), I actually only eat “pasta” that is vegetable. I just feel that regular pasta makes me feel blobby — probably because my body can’t handle wheat. However, occasionally I will have buckwheat pasta but I haven’t had any for a long time. With this spiralizer, I can make three different types of pasta. I love how you can turn vegetables literally into anything! I had a spiralizer before but it was less fancy and everytime that I cleaned it I managed to cut myself.


One thing that got me sad then I thought that I wouldn’t be spending my summer in Estonia was the fact that I would miss the fair. It’s called Hansalaat and there is just something about fairs that gets me super excited. I know it’s not a big deal for most of the people but for me, it’s like a Christmas morning. There are so much gorgeous fruit and veggies plus super unique products such as homemade candles, soaps, ceramics, etc. We bought, of course, a lot of fresh produce as well as some other stuff. I got myself a few candles, soaps and a gorgeous mug. I love big mugs and this one had daisies on it. In addition to that, I also bought a little bunny or a person in a bunny suit. There were a lot of people who sold ceramics and little figures but this one just stood out to me. Both, the mug and the figure reminded me of something Marzia would buy and I adored them. I’m definitely satisfied with everything that I got.

Oh and I almost forgot to say that I got this piece of jewelry as well — I just have something with sky and moon… Maybe because I’m literally a star? (Stella means star in some languages) Okay, that sounded a bit arrogant? Right at the beginning, my mother and I spotted this old man who sold wooden figures. As a child, I used to love reading these books about Pokus. So Poku is like this funny little dude with super long hair and a long nose. Well actually they are inspired by sedges if you are interested in them then you can read about them on this page. Anyway, I really liked the man who sold them, he kind of reminded me of grandpa figure. His passion towards his hobby was so inspiring and lovely. We talked with him for a while and he was kind enough to bring Pokus to our car later.

Now getting back to cooking topic. I love baking treats! I definitely have a sweet tooth and eating sweets don’t have to be unhealthy when you have all these amazing gifts from nature that allow you to substitute nasty sugar to natural sugar that your body is able to digest easily and make tasty vegan treats. First of all, I made Rens Kroes‘ Chocolate Banana Bread which sadly I didn’t take a picture of (probably because I ate it so quickly). I love it and it was actually a plant-based recipe as well. Okay, when I had finished this amazing banana bread, I made vegan muffins using Sarah’s beautiful recipe that I had scribbled down into my recipe book a long time ago and that’s been waiting to be tried out for a while. I made two of the original variations and the third part of the dough I decided to try out my own version as we had tons of strawberries I made the strawberry-poppy seed muffins. After my parents and I had demolished these divine muffins, I made the recipe the second time and this time I made only my own variations — but still time to time incorporating parts from Sarah’s variations (such as the chocolate muffin variation). I think that the first time the chocolate muffins came out a bit better as they were more solid but I still liked them though.

I had planned to have my best friend over. I missed her so much and the last time that I actually saw her in person was when I met her to give her birthday gift and that was just like a few minutes! So she visited me and we spent amazing time together — mostly chit-chatting literally about everything, playing board games and walking. I’m so grateful to have her and what I love about our relationship is that we can literally speak so little to each other but the connection between us is still as strong as it has always been. With some friends, unfortunately, I feel that this connection fades and fades until it’s not there anymore. With Marily, however, I feel that she is always on my side no matter the distance or the time. Oh, and we had the cauliflower pizza together for dinner and she loved it! I feel like a proud chef!

I miss my other best friend as well and we have already made plans to meet — all three of us. We actually have set an exact date so no one would bail. Definitely looking forward to the opportunity to be together with both of my best friends!

In my last post, I mentioned that I will be going to Finland soon. The exact date is actually the 19th of July. I will be on the Helsinki’s fashion week. I’m so excited! I will probably have time to write another post before I’m off but as always I do not make promises about my posting times. I want to be satisfied with them before the posting. That’s it for this blog and go and enjoy your summer — train, laugh and be joyful!




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