Mermaid Box // Maria’s VIM Subscription Box

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to write another review. I actually reviewed Hideaway box from Marzia not too long ago, however, because I’m such a big fan of these wonderful boxes, I decided to write about this one as I have written about every single one that I have got since I subscribed to the subscription box.

The stuff within the box always manages to surprise me as it’s always different — yes some brands pop up more again but the products are not the same and always fit the theme of the box. With that said, I wanted to discuss this box.

The theme of this box was mermaids obviously — so like beachy and sailor style. Perfect summer theme! I love mermaids and then I found out about the theme of this box I knew for sure that Marzia will nail this box. The box itself looked super pretty: actually, I think that the packaging of this box was probably my favorite out of all boxes. I loved the stickers and even then I carried this box with me out of the post office I was holding it for everyone to see — just because it looked beautiful. I wanted to take the stickers off the box before I threw the box away but unfortunately, they didn’t come off nicely (I wanted to put the stickers on my laptop).



Once I had opened the box it was nicely filled with goodies. The first item in the box was the Ebates $15 Welcome Coupon.IMG_6376.jpg
I haven’t used it yet but with Ebates you can earn your cash back on your orders. So you can shop in your favorite shops and you get paid by cheque or Paypal. Not sure about it but I will give it a try in the future. I just hope that I don’t forget about it though!


Alright but now let’s move on to the actual products — the next item in the box was IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. So if you have read some of my previous reviews on these boxes then you know that I preach Marzia for her skills in finding hair care gems. I always add a serum or like a hair gel into the towel dry hair after washing it. I just feel like its never enough of just shampoo and conditioner — the serum is just the cherry on top of the cake. I love everything with coconut so this one was definitely up my alley. I have used it a couple times already and the results are amazing: soft, voluminous and frizz-free hair.



The third product was the Spectrum Collections Disney Ariel Mermaid Brush. Oh, the good times… As a child, I was a big fan of Little MermaidIMG_6365
not as big as Power Puff Girls or Spongebob but I did watch it a decent amount of times. The brush definitely stands out of my old brushes with its bright colors. Therefore with that said I’m very happy to have a brush that reminds me of my childhood — plus it also fits the theme of the box obviously. You got to have something Ariel related in a mermaid box.


The fourth item was the Tarte Color Splash Lipstick in Skinny Dip — it’s a gorgeous nude lipstick what literally glides on your lips. On this picture, I’m wearing this lipstick and I will definitely continue using it. I’m not sure how wear-proof it is as I was out only for a few hours but it stayed put for this period of time. Since I subscribed to Marzia’s subscription box I have got a few Tarte products in my makeup drawer. Before I didn’t own any of the Tarte’s makeup but now I think that I will buy from them if I do need new makeup.

The next item was the Green Apple Peel Full Strength Exfoliating Mask by Juice Beauty.IMG_6368
Sorry guys but I still hadn’t had a chance to give this product a try yet but I certainly will. I do enjoy exfoliating due to the long and sweaty workouts I have to make sure that my skin isn’t clogged up with impurities. The company seems very promising and as I have said in my other reviews — I’m always open to trying out interesting products.

Moving on to another makeup product which is the ColourPop Supernova Shadow in Moonlit. I can see how this product fits the theme — first of all, it is in purple which is one of the colors that Ariel wore but also the name: Moonlit. I don’t know if that is just me but I just imagine a mermaid sitting on a sea cliff and watching the moon. Okay, this description has nothing to do with the topic but I just love to share my kooky thoughts with you. I actually intended to apply this shadow to go out with my girlfriends but I bailed as it was too pigmented and intense. Don’t get me wrong here! It is a good thing that it is so pigmented but I’m more about settle-nude looks. However, I do sometimes like to play around with colors but this time I didn’t feel like going bold with my eye makeup. Perhaps I will give it a proper try when the occasion is more formal. I’m sure that you could make it less intense too actually but with that said I will wear it one day.


The next product was the IGK Pre-Party Glitter Spray in Silver. So this product I did wore when I went out with my girlfriends. I actually hate any sprays in my hair — when I model and the hairstylists apply the spray I just hate it as it usually feels super heavyIMG_6361
on hair and later on makes my hair dry and frizzy. However, this spray was different — I have already praised Marzia for being an ultimate hair guru due to the ability to spot amazing hair products so I won’t be stuck on this topic for too long but yeah basically it acts as a highlighter for your hair and leaves in tiny bits of glitter. Love it so much and definitely will continue using it!

Alright but now let’s move on to the skincare wagon — the next item was the Derma E Natural Sunscreen Stick. I think that most of the people have seen this meme on the internet about a guy or a girl applying the sunscreen stick but not properly rubbing it in, so they were left with this application strip and an intense sunburn. Well, when I saw this item my mind drifted to this meme. I took it with me to the Helsinki Fashion Week as it was nice and small. The application was a tiny bit hard for me, especially the rubbing part. It layered heavy and didn’t want to infuse into the skin. So my final conclusion is that I would recommend getting it if you just want to apply a tiny bit somewhere but I wouldn’t suggest using it for the whole body as it would take a long time to apply it. Derma E included also a little alert that they are hosting a giveaway of the Summer Mermaid Kit — you never know maybe one day I will win one of the giveaways.



The next skincare item was the Red Earth Hydrate Nourishing Lotion with Tasmanian Sea Kelp. Guys! You have no idea how good this creme is — well actually you might if you own it… but yeah I just love it! It is super refreshing and obviously hydratingIMG_6366
. It smells like a summer to me! I think that it suits the theme of this box very well: definitely something that a mermaid would use. After the fashion week, my skin has been so super dry — sometimes even so dry that when I move my face I can feel that it is tight. This creme has been a lifesaver. I have been using it almost every single day in the morning as I feel that in addition to the hydrating benefit it also gives me a small refreshing punch.

Now on to the last skincare item which is the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm — unfortunately, I can’t comment a lot on this item. I haven’t used it yet as I have so many eye cremes right now and I want to use some up before opening a new one.IMG_6369
As with most of the eye cremes, it is supposed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, brighten dark circles and all the good stuff. I will certainly use it once I have used up some of my older eye cremes.

So this next item Marzia included as a little sneak peak to the next subscription box — it was the Ohh Dear Enamel Pin. It’s an adorable cactus in an ice cream cone pin which I already put on my pin pillow (yeah, I have a pin pillow). I guess the next box will be associated with… plants? Pool parties? Getaways? No clue but we will see shortly — so far I have been enjoying all of the boxes: some more than others.


Okay but now the last items in the box which were the custom products designed by Bethany Grace. Which included the face jewels, embroidery patches (2 medium and I large), temporary tattoos (full color and metallic) and a rape-handle beach tote bag. I’m not sure when I will have the opportunity to wear these face jewels but I would certainly stand out from the crowd with these ones on. They actually are very beautiful and now that I have them I will wear them somewhere. To be honest with you than I already own lots of embroidery patches, I’m just too lazy to put them on my clothes. I was thinking of putting one on the back of my jeans or a jean skirt but we will see if one day I will find the determination to do so. But they do look super cute and unique! Lately, I have been actually digging the temporary tattoos. I don’t think that I will ever do the real tattoo because I’m afraid that I will get over it and well it’s not like with the temporary one that it just fades away. Of course, you could do the laser removal but I have seen just too many episodes of America’s Worst Tattoos and how the poor lads and gals there burn in agony while they get their mistakes removed. So yeah… thanks I will stick with these fake ones! And last but not least the tote bag: I find the detailing of this bag very beautiful. The rape-handles work so well and add this needed twist to make this tote bag definitely a beach fashion approved. Can’t wait to show it off on a next beach vacation!



These where all the items for this subscription box! I’m very happy with most of the items and I will definitely use all of them in the future. The design was so so lovely and unique. Bethany managed to capture Marzia’s nature in this box very well. If you want to see Marzia’s video where she talks about the products that she included in her box then click here. I’m still in love with her style and these boxes continue to amaze me. Can’t wait to have the next box — whether the theme is plants or pool parties or whatever!


Before I finish writing, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for not posting one more post before I had to leave to work. I found out a day before that I actually have to be in Tallinn in the morning not in the evening as there was a casting for me to attend. So I had to change my plans a little. I tried to write this post whilst I was working but when I got back I’m usually super tired and I don’t want to write when I’m not in the mood for writing. However, I think the in the next post I will write a bit about the Fashion Week and something else…


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