Too Shredded​? // Helsinki Fashion Week, Fitness Tips & Vegan Café

Hi everybody!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer whether the weather is bad or good. For me, everything is going very well. I mentioned that I was going to Helsinki for a fashion week — so I did go and I will go further into the detail soon. But before I went I actually met up with the best people, my soul sisters: Marily and Triinu. We went for a lunch in Mahemarket and then had a lovely walk. Of course, we visited the bookshop — only we can have so much fun in the bookshop. But actually, we met to see this movie called Adrift. I randomly picked it as we wanted to go to the cinema but we weren’t sure about the movie that we wanted to see. I chose this one just because Shailene Woodley played in it and I think that she is a very talented actress (she played in Divergent as Tris). I had a great time that day and it was so much fun to be all together again.

Not long after that, I had to leave for Tallinn. The ship to Helsinki was booked for the 19th early morning — the plan was that I would leave to Tallinn in the evening, however, plans got changed and I had to leave in the morning as I had a casting. At first, I wasn’t too happy but it doesn’t make a big difference. I still got a workout in though in the hotel’s gym and I got to walk around in Tallinn. Buy some of Loving Earth’s chocolate (I’m so happy that they sell it in Tallinn!)


The next morning, I had to leave to Helsinki for the fashion week. I was excited as it was my first time actually walking on a runway. I was a tiny bit nervous as well as I wasn’t sure if my walk was good enough — even though I have practiced it a lot. The first day was a day off as the fashion week started on 20th. We arrived in accommodation and I settled myself in — because it was a day off I decided to hit the gym. The accommodation had a gym within the building so I had a set plan to go there right as it opened. Meanwhile, I binged watched Sarahs Day videos.


I love watching Sarahs Day videos so much — I have a goal to watch all of them. I actually enjoy watching all of her videos since I relate so much to her. I remember that I had the same goal with PewDiePie back in the day… I actually did watch all of his videos but one moment I stopped and started watching videos that were more like fitness, day in the life and even beauty videos. But now I actually started watching PewDiePie videos again, I forgot how hard he had made me laugh.

I know that some people won’t approve the way that I live — so if you are still not familiar then I think that it is the time to remind everyone of my workout routines. My workouts are pretty much identical every day. I always run over 10 km (right now I run 11.7 km but sometimes I run more: 12-15 km). I used to run like almost 20 km when it was the end of the exams but right now I feel comfortable with my current distance. Right after my run, I do a muscle toning workout — which is usually a combination of pilates, weights, and barre (maybe a bit of kickboxing every now and then). And to top that off, I end my routine with some yoga and stretching because after so much work being done it is so so important to stretch; otherwise I will end up like a plank the next day.

I know it might sound like a lot and it is a lot but working out is something that I love doing and I want to have it as a part of my day. I thrive off this kind of lifestyle and I listen to my body (Sarah’s mantra here, wheres’s the sezzysquad at?). A lot of people have asked me why do I torture myself? Why don’t you have a rest day? Why bother? Well… most of the time people assume that I workout just because I’m a model and I have to keep fit. Not at all! I got into like a true fitness life before I started modeling. When I was found by a booker I was a hardcore stationery bike rider and I had thigh muscles that were super toned (thank god for the dress that I wore as it wasn’t too revealing).

When I began modeling, I was told by my agent that I’m too muscly — it wasn’t a surprise for me but I knew that I had to make an important decision then. Whether I neglect the opportunity to become a model and continue with the same workout routine or I become a little bit less bulky. You all know what I had decided but of course, I continued to work out just in a different way. I stopped riding the stationary bike (sorry bikey, still love you though!) as it was making my thigh muscles huge. I only ran for my cardio — as running promotes lean muscle. But what I think made the biggest difference was the fact that I started doing yoga. My agent suggested it and I managed to tone down my muscle a bit and turn it into a lean muscle.

Even though I have leaner muscles right now than I did before I still sometimes get told that I’m too shredded, however, I do not want to regress. I have always loved and appreciated people who have rather “trained body” not “skinny body.” Just before I was offered to become a model I was considering on becoming a bodybuilder — yeah I know sounds crazy but I do love getting into the “beast mode” and at the time I was curious about it. A close friend of mine got into bodybuilding — so that is also partially why I was considering trying it.

I do think that the fashion industry should portray more fitness models to promote a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle overall. I understand that the muscle might appear distracting on the cover of a magazine for some people but I do admire models that do have more of a shredded physique — such as Doutzen Kroes.doutzen-kroes-spain-01-640x874.jpg I think that it also demonstrates the work that the model puts into looking like the way they do. I had times this year when I was more shredded then usual — mainly because when I’m angry, sad or just stressed I like to ease it by working out. It doesn’t mean that it is just a pain reliever but it is an escape for me and because I’m also an introvert and I love escaping.

So at stressful times like that, I overdid a bit and well I started lifting heavier weights, doing chin-ups and that type of a stuff. So managed to build more muscle but after I managed to tone it down a bit but I still sometimes got caught. Like at the end of the spring I was more shredded and had built a muscle on my arms, shoulders, and back. Fortunately, I had a few weeks before the trip to London to stretch and lean the muscle out. Okay, this concept might sound weird but this is what I do. Sometimes I go overboard with my exercising. It is hard to explain and the way that I kind of manage the life as a model and a fitness addict. However, I feel like I managed to create a sort of a balance — I really hope that in the future athletic body types would be used more in the fashion industry.

Alright, with that said I think that I got my point straight here. I probably will tackle this topic more in my future blog posts as I’m clearly passionate about it and I could talk about fitness endlessly. Now let’s get back to the fashion week though —  I’m not going to lie but it was exhausting. The first day in the morning it was raining and super cold. Me as my foolish self, thought that not bringing a sweater with me is a good idea… Well jokes on me. I was actually so cold that I had to curl up into a ball to keep warm. One of the girls was so kind to me that she gave me her jean jacket (she is a lifesaver). Later on, we were given warm cardigans. It got warmer though.

It was an amazing opportunity to meet very creative and inspiring designers. The theme of the fashion week was Eco. The whole event was actually held in Eco-Village — it concentrated on sustainability. I loved the theme as I’m conscious of the damage done to the earth every single day and I really appreciate the effort that they put into the event.

As I mentioned previously, it was my first fashion show to walk on but the feeling whilst walking was so empowering and so worth it. I loved wearing all of the collections — I feel like every collection had a unique twist and it was clear that every designer put a lot of effort into their collections. Being able to represent their work makes me feel really grateful for the job that I have got. It also motivates me to do my best to show their collection from the best perspective — even if the shoes were too big or the skirt started to come of mid-runway (yeah it actually happened but I managed to save it and have a strong poker face).

Not only was I thankful for the designers’ effort but the whole crew — makeup, hair, etc. I got to meet a lot of very talented and beautiful models while being there. I got to know models in my agency and out my agency as I didn’t have an opportunity to properly get to know them yet. I met a lot of gorgeous people and I’m happy that being a model allows me to mingle with so many different people.

In terms of food… As I’m a big foodie as you probably all know now. I don’t like to be picky and stuff but well I’m. Not only is it about me being picky but if you have read a post about the food allergy test then you know how sensitive my digestive system is. I get bloated from a lot of food and I’m allergic to a lot of food. I’m also vegan. They provided food but most of it didn’t fit my dietary requirements. Okay, this sounds so spoiled of me but I really don’t want to feel awful during the fashion week. So I always packed food with me — it was awkward sometimes as people would see me not eating the catering. However, I know that situations like this will pop up in the future and I just have to cope with it if I want to continue working in this industry.

Okay but let’s talk about positive stuff though, so I found this super vegan place near my accommodation called Roots Helsinki and OH MY GOD — this place was literally the best! I visited it four times in total while I was there (2 breakfasts, 2 dinners). Fortunately, I was able to fit in these visits to this lovely vegan café. They couldn’t have been more perfect — their food was healthy and delicious. The thing that I love about visiting these types of vegan food places is that I get inspiration for my own cooking as well. For instance, since I got back I’m all about turmeric lates. I also want to give a try to this pink late which is made out of beetroot. After a full day of working, I managed to always make it there before the closing for my dinner. Having these divine dinners at the end of the long and exhausting day was so good — I’m just sad that I couldn’t fit a visit there every evening though due to the tight schedule. The staff was so friendly and comforting, they really created a lovely atmosphere for me to enjoy my meals.

There was a yoga studio as well. I think that is such a cool idea to combine them both. If I would live there I would totally try these yoga classes, even though I do enjoy doing yoga alone and having my own flow but I’m always up to trying new things. Maybe someday in the future, I will. Okay but let’s get back to the food — since I love having like buddha bowls and well these types of dishes that have a lot of stuff to try out then for both of my dinners I ordered bowls. One was a buddha bowl and other I think was a goodness bowl or a green bowl, or something along those lines. The second bowl, however, had peanut dipping sauce but the cook was so kind and made it with tahini instead when I asked whether it is possible to make it peanut-free due to my allergy.

My favorite meal of the day is definitely a breakfast. I’m 100% sweet breakfast person — I rarely have a savory breakfast. I just crave something sweet in the morning. At home, I would usually have an oatmeal or pancakes sometimes but the breakfast in this cafe was so good! I went there after my workouts when I had to be at work a bit later and OMG it was so good! I always paid extra for the wellness shot as I really wanted to have all my essential vitamins in. Green juice was also essential because I’m all about them greens. I can literally eat a bag of baby spinach, just because I love the taste of them — is that weird? They actually had this really nice breakfast set where you could pick certain breakfast items. My favorite was the banana bread! I love banana bread it is definitely one of my favorite foods! It was so nice and not too sweet, just right to fix my morning sweet tooth. They also had options for savory food such as tofu scramble and gluten-free toast — so definitely something for everyone. To conclude this description I just want to say if I ever happen to be in Helsinki then I will definitely hop by this place!

There were super long breaks between the shows and a lot of waiting. It was annoying but at least I had a great company and I was happy to spend time with them. We had a lot of funny moments, jokes and laugh. I really hope that in the future there will be more opportunities to spend time, even if it is out of the job. This first experience as a runway model opened my eyes even more about the modeling world. It is not so pretty as a lot of the times people think it is but I’m up for the challenges. I believe that being determined and consistent on your goals will eventually get you to the great heights. You got to start from somewhere — for instance, J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers! But she still stayed consistent until her book got published and look where she is now! The most important thing is to stay strong and instead of quitting — to learn from your mistakes and build the strength to keep going.

From the last show, we had to literally rush back to the accommodation to get our stuff and get on the ship. I got back to Tallinn very late and stayed at the hotel again. In the morning I went to the gym after I had got enough sleep and then to the breakfast in my favorite restaurant in Estonia right now — Vegan Inspiratsioon. I had never eaten a breakfast there but it definitely was delicious. So I had a chickpea omelet with hulk smoothie and an americano. After that, I went to the Nike and a food store (how surprising). Bought some Loving Earth chocolate (again), some fresh ripe mangos along with some other vegan snacks that caught my attention. Right after that I drove to the bus station and got on to the bus and finally I was back home!

Alright guys, but this concludes this post. I hope that you enjoyed a little insight into my life. I would appreciate any suggestions on the content you want — whether you would like me to talk more about fitness, workouts or food? Or something else? Anyways, all the best and go and enjoy yourself now!


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