Stop Living in Illusions — Join the Plant-Based Community! // Impressions of What The Health

Hi everyone!

Alright, guys, I actually wanted to write a post about plant-based diet before I watched the What The Health movie but after watching it I knew that I just had to write a post about it now. So before I tackle this topic I want to say that I do not judge anyone based on their lifestyle which also includes their diet obviously. However, I believe that everyone should have the right to talk about their perspective on different lifestyle choices. Okay and lets now all be honest — everyone judges everyone all the time. Even if they don’t mean it: just even small thoughts: “What is she wearing?” “How can he eat that?” “How is he capable of doing it?” Not all judgments are negative… okay going off the tangent here as always… But with that said let’s talk about the main focus here — diet.

Diet — never endless opinions, researches, and trend changes. But what is the right diet? Humans are thought to be omnivores. However, monkeys are frugivores who are the closest species to us. Omnivores such as bears are created to be omnivores due to their physique and the teeth. Talking about the teeth, people do not have the teeth to attack another animal and dug into their muscle tissue. Could you imagine a human trying to bring down a cattle? Yeah looks silly, right? Therefore humans aren’t even physically created to be omnivores.

“But where do you get your protein from?” The question that just makes every single vegan go nuts (haha nuts get it! — okay I should better stop…). It is so silly actually but where do herbivores get their protein from? Plants! The biggest and strongest animals on the Earth are herbivores — rhinos, elephants… These facts were all in the What the Health movie. I knew these facts actually before but it was a good reminder and certainly for some people a discovery too. The topic of people who eat plant-based food and not getting protein is just silly. Yeah, definitely you could fall into the protein deficiency if you do not know how to incorporate protein into your diet. all protein initially is produced by plants and then consumed by animals. Not sure how many have done biology in their studies but there was a topic about the trophic levels4ccc4f_378aeb5d7e2d3fc044a9072729072582.jpg_512 which show that the producer has the largest biomass, numbers, and energy and as the pyramid goes more narrow the numbers, biomass, and energy decreases. Therefore by eating the producers (plants) initially, we get the most sufficient energy sources as they haven’t been processed by another animal, so they are the first trophic level — always. This was actually my favorite topic in biology as the topic seemed very interesting along with the food production.

The food production — we can talk about the health benefits that a plant-based diet has for so long but other than benefiting your health, you also save the environment. With the way that the food production is right now – it is unsustainable. The farms that grow hogs for slaughter aren’t only inhumane but also they produce a lot of waste. An adult swine produces about 10 times as much feces as a human! Now try to imagine how much carbon dioxide is being produced in a single farm! The carbon emissions are all linked to the greenhouse effect which is a big issue as it causes the climate change.327e6974003ce910095e72c36e22eec2.jpg

Before I continue, I just wanted to say that I’m not a specialist and I do not have a degree but I do have done a ton of research and most of the facts that I’m saying also appeared in the What the Health movie. I wish that I could have a degree to have everything that I say be official, however, I do not work in government. Speaking about the devils — the government. Probably the biggest shocker to me in the movie. That was that last drop that made me realize how blind the society is! How easily the government is able to manipulate people as if pulling strings of the puppets. Even now that I’m 100 percent plant-based, I still think back on the days I used to consume animal products every single day and not even think what is actually behind it all.

The sponsors. Not only the government is taken over by all these animal product producing companies but also the associations that actually work to avoid the disease that is caused by the diet, such as diabetes, cancer, etc. So within the movie, they visit the organization that raises awareness of cancer — they asked them why would they promote dairy products if dairy was highly linked to the cause of breast cancer, as many other these types of associations that they visited they didn’t give them the answer.


It all seemed very shady and once the final string was untackled and the truth about the sponsors was revealed, everything became clear. For instance, the breast cancer association had a sponsor that was a famous yogurt company. It is all down to them — they control that people consume the products by displaying them on sites that are actually supposed to help people but suggest basically the opposite.

The sponsors of all of these big organizations that are associated with promoting a healthy lifestyle aren’t actually associated with the healthy lifestyle. All comes down to the money. In the movie, the fast food chains were associated with the government as they were the sponsors of the government-owned organizations. I actually thought that it might have to do with something like that but the movie just placed all the puzzle pieces in my mind into the place.

The healthy diet plates or healthy food pyramids or whatever they are called are all a big fat scam! They are created in order to show people that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you have to eat meat, eat eggs and consume dairy. Me as a fitness instructor, I can’t tell my client that I would recommend going on a plant-based diet. No, I can only tell them that they have to follow the guidelines given by the government — to eat the balanced diet (which of course suggests eating animal products). I’m sure that for the fitness instructor who is level 3 the rules are a bit looser but still, I would never tell my client to follow the guidelines of the health association if I know that it is all created in order to please the sponsors.

Guess who is on top of this dumb pyramid through — the pharmaceutical industry. The world is so messed up now that in order to earn money they make people sick and then treat them. Prescribing tons of medicine for different sicknesses but truly it all comes down to the food you eat. if the person claims that the condition that he or she suffers is inherited but from whom? The parent who lived exactly the same: eating the same food. The drug industry has the biggest sums of money — therefore they are on top of everything. So what would happen if the people wouldn’t be as sick? The industry would start losing its precious money.

I’m sure that all people who spend a decent amount of time on social media have already come across videos about these factory farms. It is just insane to me that the people that know what they are doing there to these poor animals are just so cold-blooded. The animals are injected with all of these hormones and stimulants in order for them to grow faster. Not only do they put all of these chemicals in them, they also put them into these tiny cages to decrease their release of energy — so they wouldn’t need as much food to restore their energy levels as well as save the costs of the land. So guess who also is getting all of the chemicals? The consumer. Just think about all of these harmful chemicals and hormones going into your bloodstream just by eating the meat of that animal.


Okay, now people will come and say what about the organic animal products? The free range eggs, meat, and dairy? They might not be as harmful as the ones that come from the factory farms that use the chemicals but it could never justify the slaughter of another living being. Plus if every single person would only eat organic animal products then it wouldn’t be a sustainable way of living — simply impossible considering our population. Organic farms require large land plus if the animal is raised without injecting any growth hormones then it also takes longer to produce products.

I’m sure that many people deny plant-based diet purely due to the feel of comfort. They don’t want to bother with changes in their life. This mostly applies to the older generation. It is hard to try to convey them into living their life differently if they have had lived like this for so long. That’s probably why the younger generation is more open to the plant-based life and supporting the sustainable community. I have had mentioned in my other posts that my parents were in denial when I mentioned my decision to live a plant-based life. For them it seemed insane idea — well now that I think, doesn’t it sound insane to eat a flesh of another living creature, drink milk that came from cow’s udder and eat chicken’s dead offspring. I’m sure that I won’t be able to ever change my parents into vegans but at least I had some influence on them. 7c3e624122e3e7f1aa7c0f8f0ea154bf.jpgAfter I had stopped eating most of the animal products, they also started to reduce their meat intake. They don’t consume as much eat animal meat, however, they still consume a great number of eggs, fish, and dairy. My mother also has an obsession with smoked moose sausage. I have tried telling them all about how bad the animal products are but they rarely get shocked — often I feel as if they have a blanket over them that blocks any information. I still do sometimes tell them some facts about the benefits of plant-based diet and how wonderful it is but I don’t want them to feel pressured into living their life in a certain way if they are not open for changes as I know how bad it felt to live a life according to other’s perspective.

In the What The Health movie they showed also the people who live near these nasty slaughtering buildings. They literally spray hog’s feces around the building so the people who live near have to suffer from horrible smell and also sacrifice their health due to the exposure of harmful pesticides. And all that the people owning the building said was that they were feeding the country — whilst killing the community? Doesn’t sound like heroes to me…

I have lived a plant-based diet for a quite long time — as you all who read my posts know not a fully plant-based though. Not all the time. I had said that I reintroduced at first seafood saying that I do not feel as compassionate towards fish as the other creatures. Actually… not entirely true. I cried over salmon that my 38c5a4ec8048a829b0ce211b14878c7bmother cooked once when I wanted to stop eating meat. I couldn’t just bring myself to eat it. It was when I was fighting to become a vegan. At one point I started watching more of those fitness and health videos on youtube and I saw a lot of people eating fish, so I tried to build this illusion — I persuaded myself that I can sacrifice a fish to be fit. I try to not cling so much to the past and learn from my past mistakes. There is certainly no need to eat fish in order to be “lean” or build muscle. Same goes for meat. But yeah at that time I had brought seafood back to my diet justifying it by saying that “not all vegan food is healthy and available while traveling” and that “I love Asian food which has a lot of seafood in it.” Well now I’m not obsessed with Asian food anymore and if I do crave Asian food than a plant-based one. What comes to the traveling though — I know it will be more complicated in some places but there is always an option to be on a raw fruit diet as fruits are always available.

Okay but now about the eggs so I actually made a separate post about me including eggs in my diet again for an excuse I said that all the eggs that I eat are from my mother’s friend. Well, this one actually held truth as I did only those eggs but then I just realized how disgusting it is — I felt as if I had been blinded once again. I stopped eating eggs I think about 4 months ago… Not sure, I just stopped. I think that the factor that made me bring eggs back was the influence of fitness figures that I follow. I’m saying that the way they are living is wrong but I just don’t see it as the right way but that is not up to me to decide how they live their life.


Okay, so milk. So what exactly is in your milk? Legally there are allowed 135 million pus cells in one glass of milk! The main protein in the milk is called “Casein” if you still don’t know and is toxic to humans. It is directly responsible for eczema, acne, kidney disease, arthritis, tooth decay, asthma, irritable bowels, sinus problems, colitis, chrons, MS and especially breast an prostate CANCER. So this clearly wasn’t out of my own mind but it was out of a post that I saw. You all have probably heard that you need to drink milk to grow — well news! You aren’t a calf — you don’t need to drink cow’s milk! Milk is overhyped — you can obtain all the minerals and nutrients from plants. Calcium is found in nuts, beans, and greens! So why sip on cow’s pus if you can avoid that?


Many people ask me when I say that I’m vegan: “Don’t you miss cheese?” To be honest I had never been a cheese kind of a person. And actually, there had been studies done on cheese that say that cheese is just like a crack. This is due to the dairy proteins inside that can act as mild opiates. Fragments of cheese protein, called casomorphins, attach to the same brain receptors as heroin and other narcotics. As a result, each bite of cheese produces a tiny hit of dopamine. “Dairy crack” — addictive and fattening. Plus who needs cheese if you can create this cheese flavor so easily by using nutritional yeast. Don’t do drugs kids!

There are so many inspiring people who thrive of plant-based life. Of course, you have seen Deliciously Ella‘s name pop quite a lot on my Instagram. This woman has thought me so much about cooking — I will praise her for the rest of my life. It is just incredible how creative a person can be. Of course, there are many more that I’m grateful for such as Veggiekins, Niomi Smart, Caroline Deisler and many more… They have shown me the amazing, flavorful and delicious world of the plant-based living. My workouts are so much better I feel — my runs have become faster and more forceful since going 100% plant-based. Well, you might tell me that it could be a placebo or that I’m just progressing but what truly matters to me is how I feel inside. The knowledge that my body doesn’t contain the flesh of dead animals makes me feel so happy. I’m so much more conscious about the earth and I take everything that it gives me as a gift.

As a child, the idea of even vegetarians seemed very distinctive. I remember being told by my relatives about vegetarians who lived near them and how they had green faces from only eating greens. My relatives were actually just pissed about the fact that they complained about them grilling outside — so I think that is the reason why they were so negative about them. I find it funny now actually, not only me but also my mother complain about our neighbors grilling meat. I hate it and I totally get the green-faced dudes now.


Anyways, my point here is that it is crazy how the society is starting to accept the plant-based living and making changes in their life. There is so much vegan food now in the stores and the market is only growing! Take that cow’s milk — we drink almond milk now! It is actually quite crazy how milk production companies don’t allow plant milk companies to call plant milk as milk. They say that it is not actually milk. Why would you make such a fuss about a small thing? Well, I’m continuing to call it as it is a plant milk (rebel).

So coming back to the What The Heath movie — it just opened my eyes and cleared up the last bits of illusion that surrounded me. I feel so much more conscious about everything — somewhat even in an illegal way. Just like I had opened a locked door that has been closed ever since I had been a child: constantly seeing this locked secret door in front of me and never completely opening it. Only peeking from a keyhole…

It helped me fully make up my mind that everything that I’m doing is right and even the test that I took (Cytolisa — food allergy test) showed me that I was never intended to be an omnivore — a true herbivore had always lived inside me, lasting to be finally completely released. Becoming 100% plant-based must be one of my best decisions that I have ever made.

Jumping to the conclusion now on this quite a long post — with this post I’m not forcing anyone to become a vegan. I believe that everyone will eventually embrace this way of living just in their own time. I have never been this crazy person who would judge you for eating meat, in this post I made clear my opinion on this topic. I could actually talk to so much longer about it. When I wrote it I was constantly like: “Okay now I’m going to jump on a conclusion,” but then I was like: “Oh, but there is this another good point though…” Anyways I tried to fit as much as I could in this post. Oh and if you still haven’t watched the What The Health movie then you just have to watch it — it is available on Netflix. Call your mother, father, grandparents, relatives, friends, everyone and be ready to be revealed the secrets that food production and the government is hiding from you…


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