Marzia’s Sweet Box Review

Hi, sissys! Yeah, not a usual beginning of my blogs. I guess Sarah has Sezzyfied me. I have been watching her videos like crazy. Anyway, I won’t talk about my Sarah-obsession today. Instead, I have got you a blog that I wanted to write a quite long time ago as I received the subscription box … Continue reading Marzia’s Sweet Box Review


Plant-Based in Estonia // Vegan Inspiratsioon

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about this wonderful restaurant in Tallinn called Vegan Inspiratsioon and also discuss a bit about healthy plant-based diet. The reason why I wanted to write about this restaurant is that I loved it, and I like supporting vegan and healthy food places. I prefer using term "plant-based" instead of … Continue reading Plant-Based in Estonia // Vegan Inspiratsioon