Importance of Staying Determined

If someone asked me what is the most important thing that I have learned over all these years then my answer would probably be to stay determined on your goals and to not let others’ opinion affect me in any way. You have probably heard this topic before but I really wanted to write my … Continue reading Importance of Staying Determined


Working Community

In my opinion, there are two types of people in this world- ones that work towards something, and the ones, who work because they have to. Recently I finished a book about a collection of Chinese people's personal stories (Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop by Jonathan Geldart). That's what inspired me to write about this … Continue reading Working Community

Introvert in Modern Society​

Society has always had some invisible standards. Unfortunately, there's no society without standards. People are just raised with some expectations - it all depends on the environment and the community they are raised in. Everyone's mind is functioning differently - that's what makes every person unique. Introverts have their own standards - different from others. … Continue reading Introvert in Modern Society​